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Ed will bring innovation to State Senate

By David A, Neff | May 24, 2018

To the editor:

Please accept this as a letter of support for Ed Malloy as he continues his road to become an Iowa State Senator.

Ed has been a leader in our community of Fairfield, Iowa, since he arrived decades ago. Serving Fairfield as a city councilor and then the leadership as Mayor of Fairfield.

This understanding of how government works is at a very high level. He communicates very well with the population he serves. He has the ability to get things done. His family has been very supportive of his efforts.

I have had the privilege of working with Ed since the inception of the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center as two of the lead fundraisers for the center. We have also had the opportunity to work together in the planning of the Highway 34 by-pass corridor as the chair of the committee appointed by the mayor.

Ed’s participation in the coordination of the Blue Zones initiative has made Fairfield a recognized force in grassroots innovation. The Fairfield Entrepreneurs Association is another to be recognized for its success. Ed has mentored numerous other businesses.

Two local businesses have grown with the opportunity to be investors together in their guidance and direction. Every community activity that Ed has served has found great mentoring from him and has experienced success. I feel that the vision and leadership that Ed has shared with Fairfield and Jefferson County can carry forward to innovation and direction at the State Senate.

I tip my hat to Ed and wish him continuing success on the road to Des Moines. It is an honor to have him as a colleague and a friend.


– David A, Neff, Fairfield

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