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Education association recommends four candidates

By Scott Slechta | Sep 07, 2017

To the editor:

I write you about the upcoming school board election. I attended the open forum discussion where all candidates introduced themselves and expressed their views on questions. Many of those candidates are my former students while others are concerned citizens. Each had a sense of dedication and commitment.

Initially, I urge you to vote for the four best candidates to serve our school and our students.

First, even though I am no longer a part of the Fairfield Community School District, my heart is with the school and its faculty, staff, and students.

I was a part of FCSD for over 30 years. Even though I am not a part of it, my daughter began her teaching career at FCSD this week. I have seen various superintendents and various school boards. Our most recent board gave exemplary service in its duties to the state, the school, and its students. It brought the school out of its deficit spending and balanced the budget in accordance with the state laws.

As a matter of fact, the school board has the best projected budget in the past two decades. With the budget development, every decision was with the students’ best interest.

In addition, it created the best situation with the closing of Libertyville Elementary School. In its grade-alike schools, teachers will be able to collaborate and share ideas and more importantly, class sizes will equalize and all students will know their classmates.

Furthermore, the district created a safe and secure learning environment for all students in all school in accordance with state mandates and with moral equity.

Second, as you, the stakeholders in our children’s education, must choose the best school members to serve on the school board. During the Open Forum, a research-based handout (Barth, Patte. “Eight Traits of Effective School Boards.” National School Board Association, March 2011) was distributed to serve as a guide. You should choose school board members who have high expectations and clear goals.

Third, the handout also pointed out “danger signs.” You should avoid candidates who are not aware of school initiatives. Also avoid those who focus on external factors and factions of the community. School board members do not micromanage day-to-day operations. School board members do not use data to blame teachers, parents, or students for shortfalls. In closing, school board members in high-achieving schools have “attitudes, knowledge, and approaches that separate them from their counterparts in lower-achieving districts.”

Fourth, if you need guidance in making a decision, consider the recommendations made by the FCSD’s Fairfield Community Education Association. That group is composed of teachers in the classroom with the students.

Those teachers do their best for education in our district and for our students. They recommend Jennifer Anderson, Frank Broz, Debi Plum, and Christi Welsh.

Finally, vote in the upcoming school board elections. Vote for the best candidates for our school, our faculty and staff, and for our children.


– Scott Slechta, Fairfield

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