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Engineer briefs supervisors on paving roads

By DIANE VANCE | Nov 14, 2013

Jefferson County Engineer Scott Cline gave an update Tuesday to the board of supervisors about the cost, $12.8 million, to bring county paved roads up to 85 percent service level or better.

“I asked Scott what it would cost to bring all of our hard surface roads up to grade A condition,” said supervisor Dick Reed.

Cline outlined several projects and breakdown of costs using maps with highlighted roads showing where improvements were needed and what types of materials could be used.

For instance:

• A 2-inch depth of hot mix asphalt resurfacing 34 miles would cost $4.3 million.

• Adding Gilsonite rejuvenator on 31 miles of asphalt roads was estimated to cost $534,600.

• A Portland Concrete Cement 4-inch overlay of 22 miles costs $4.4 million.

• Adding stop sign rumble stop-bars in the road and 3 miles of cement shoulders would cost $234,000.

• Mud-jacking and spot hot mix asphalt patch in 12 locations would run $165,000.

• Recycling 3 miles of concrete into base and paving with an 8-inches of concrete would cost $2.4 million.

• Portland Concrete Cement patching 8,479 square yards costs $847,000.

This is not a complete list of projects Cline shared, it’s examples of various types of projects the county would need.

“We schedule a certain amount of road work each year,” said Cline. “If we tried to fix everyone’s road at once, it would cost $12.8 million just for fixing paved roads.”

Cline said he’s been told Iowa’s fuel tax hasn’t been increased in several years. Motor fuel tax is one way roads are funded.

“The governor has asked for proposals about different ways to fund roads other than the fuel tax,” said Cline. “I was asked by the supervisors to provide information about the county’s costs to fix all the roads.”

Upcoming scheduled projects the county has budgeted and can fund, is $1.3 million that will include work on 1.65 miles of 185th Street in summer 2014, budgeted at $820,000; and hot mix asphalt and sidewalk work on Ash Avenue in Batavia and slurry seal on asphalt roads south of Batavia in summer 2015. Asphalt milling in Batavia is $30,000; crack-filling south of Batavia is $20,000; and the slurry seal is $17,000.

“Next summer, we will concrete-patch three roads,” said Cline.

Other projects, not scheduled, to improve Jefferson County paved road system connectivity, that traffic can justify an upgrade and supervisors agree could be upgraded include:

• Paving 1.56 miles, now gravel, with Portland Concrete Cement on Osage Avenue, from Route 34 to Glasgow Road, at a cost of $1.6 million.

• Paving 2 miles, now gravel, with PCC on Nutmeg Avenue, from Salina Road to Business 34, with a cost of $1.75 million.

• Paving/resurfacing 1.2 miles with 4-inches of hot mix asphalt and rebuild intersection on Salina Road with Pleasant Plain Road to Nutmeg Avenue, costing $375,000.

“We don’t know where funding will come from for doing these projects,” said Cline. “These are cost estimates the supervisors asked for. Not all of the projects are programmed for contracts.”


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