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Establishment won presidential election

By Jim Morrow | Nov 08, 2012

To the editor:

While mis-attributed to Jefferson, I believe it nonetheless true, that dissent may be the highest form of patriotism, and on that basis, I further believe that regarding the (s)election Tuesday, the establishment won. The people lost. This would have been the case if Romney had won as well.

When the establishment owns both wings — Republican and Democrat— of the one Establishment party, both candidates, the rigged “voting” machines, and absolutely forbids the emergence of any true second party, it is guaranteed to “win” and remain the “power behind the throne.”

Most importantly, having monopolized the media (96 percent of it owned by just six megacorps), the Establishment can and does, tell us how we should, how we will, and how we did vote — regardless of how we may have in fact voted. Government of the special interest, by the special interest, and for the special interest, does therefore not perish from the earth.

Those whose gullibility keeps them believing the big lie and the masters of it, and thus “voted” for either candidate, must now accept their share of responsibility for perpetuating this failure of “deservability.” America is no more safe — no more Invincible today than on Monday, as her enemies, both foreign and especially domestic, remain firmly astride her. Again, the situation would be no different if Romney had been crowned the “winner.”

The “Elect Coherence” campaign, laudable as any effort to increase attendance in the domes, was too little, too late, and as such, a transparent effort to re-elect Obama. To have effected a free and fair election between the best candidates our country is surely capable of producing - the effort should have started a year earlier — not two weeks.

With the RINO (Republican In Name Only) wing of the one establishment party stealing the nomination from Ron Paul, starting with the “first in the nation, first in fraud” Iowa Caucus, and continuing in caucus after caucus, primary after primary, and state after state, and culminating with Reince Priebus/Kim Reynolds’ brazen theft from the five states (including Iowa) and US Virgin Islands of their right to nominate Ron Paul from the floor of the August convention in Tampa, America was robbed of the chance to elect the only anti-war candidate, and the one with the most viable solutions to halt and reverse America’s decline.

The alleged 2 percent difference in the popular vote between Obama and Romney is intended to further divide us, and prompt us to demand dumping the Electoral College that the founders created. Welcome to democracy, which MIU/MUM’s founder repeatedly damned early this millennium — precisely because of democracy’s modus operandi — divide and rule. So long as we Americans are fighting each other, we won’t unite and go after those Jefferson termed “the mismanagers” — calling them to account.

That over 33 percent of the U.S. population was registered and turned out to vote (117,839,743 total votes between Obama and Romney according to Politico.com) is simply not believable, especially in light of the USA Today poll in August that 90 million eligible voters would stay home.

Those of us in America who participated in the Write In Revolution took the first step toward accountability in the election process by bypassing the “voting”machines with paper ballots and affidavits. We invite everyone to join us in doing as Ireland did and send the establishment’s crooked e-voting machines to the crusher. For more info, see CountryAboveParty.blog.com.


— Jim Morrow, Fairfield

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