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Everybody Sings is so much fun

By Colleen Bell | Aug 10, 2017

To the editor:

I love to sing. It’s good for the soul. I’ve sung to my garden for years and in the car or shower. But never had any training or performed.

I’m so happy to participate in Everybody Sings, Fairfields’ only community choir. Anyone who wants to sing is welcome. Somehow the amazing, dedicated, generous and generally awesome choir director, Carol Negro (who is a professional choir director from San Francisco) is able to inspire and literally train anyone with the desire to sing into singing well.

I am constantly in awe of her ability to give us intricate, beautiful but scary music (how am I ever going to be able to learn that!), and coach us into a cohesive whole. I’m not saying it’s easy.

We have to show up and follow instructions and practice but there is an amazing feeling of euphoria I feel when singing with this group and overcoming the challenges of learning complicated music.

There are times it feels as if I *am* all the voices that dip and soar and merge and resonate together. It’s amazing when we all become one and radiate that to our audiences.

We have had continuing reports of how community members have enjoyed and been inspired from our joyful performances. Largely in part because we have so much fun!

Since starting 18 months ago, we have performed six or seven times. The last time we performed was at the June Art Walk. The time before that we sponsored and led the Sing Along Messiah in December to a standing-room-only crowd.

We meet Tuesday nights to rehearse.

We will perform for the first time Sept. 9 at the Sondheim to commemorate 9/11, with a collection of songs that are all about hope, resurrection, rebirth, moving into the light. One of my favorites is the Song of Gratitude.

We also always have Sing Alongs for the audience to join us!


— Colleen Bell, Fairfield

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