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Neighbors Growing Together | Aug 17, 2018

Everybody’s Whole Foods

Nathan Gamet started working there in college, now co-owns it
By Justin Webster, Ledger sports editor | Aug 03, 2018
Photo by: JUSTIN WEBSTER/Ledger photo “I like getting to know people on a day-to-day basis,” shared night shift manager Josy Welty who added. “We have a lot of unique items, especially vegan options.”

At Everybody’s Whole Foods in Fairfield, details matter each and every day until the doors close at 9:30 p.m. From Patricia Cooley watering the flowers out front that co-owner Paul Praither seems to add to each year, to the detail put into selecting and ordering greeting cards, another task managed by Cooley.

“I put a lot of care into the greeting cards,” explained Cooley. “I choose ones that I feel are uplifting and wholesome. With the magazines, I try to get the fluffy things like US Weekly, but I also get YES! and Wellbeing Journal which have positive exciting content. How could you not get excited about something called YES!?”

After Praither co-founded the business back in 1995, Nathan Gamet joined him in ownership after buying out his former partner four years ago.

“I really like this business,” said Gamet, who grew up in Oregon and attended Maharishi University of Management as a student. “I worked here when I was in college and liked the business model and their community oriented approach and I just thought that was something I wanted to be a part of.”

Gamet said the community aspect truly influences all of the decisions that are made and they make them for the betterment of the community.

Something Gamet also feels separates them from other companies is putting community above profit.

“It’s hard in this time of corporate entities, but it’s important to have small businesses in small communities like Fairfield,” suggested Gamet. “It makes things more personable than what you get from some big corporate something.”

Everybody’s is well-known for their produce selection and their many vegan and organic options.

“We try to focus on putting out the best produce we can and the rest we give away,” explained Gamet who went on to say, “Some of the food goes to the Lord’s Cupboard and we also have a free table filled with things we no longer want to sell.”

All of the employees seem genuinely interested in their neighbors and their well-beings.

“I try to be very happy and outgoing and try to uplift people even when they come through my line and seem a little down,” said cashier Tom Siegel who is considered a customer favorite. “If I’m cheerful, it brings them up and it makes us both happy. I just discovered that formula for success for both the store and my personal fulfillment of working here. The ownership and the shoppers are just tremendous and so I try to pass that on to people and it seems to work.”

Nightshift manager and fellow cashier Josy Welty got her first job at Everybody’s more than four years ago.

“I like getting to know people on a day-to-day basis,” shared Welty who added. “We have a lot of unique items, especially vegan options.”

Christy Welty has cashiered for a little over a year, and also does energy work on the emotional and spiritual system to help improve feelings about life.

“I like helping people feel healthy and a lot of time when people come in here, it’s to feel good,” explained Welty.

“It’s a really cool place,” said Cooley. “The aisles are bigger and people can just chat with one another.”

Siegel is reminded of another time when describing the differences in the store compared to big chains.

“The store is a meeting place for people in town, particularly the university. It’s similar to the old west where people would not only meet to shop, but to catch up and converse with people. It’s a socially active environment that I think is important for our town.”

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