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F.I.T. classes kick-start New Year’s resolutions

By By DIANE VANCE/Ledger staff writer | Dec 07, 2012
Photo by: DIANE VANCE/Ledger photo Women in the F.I.T. class are side-stepping on the half-balls and throwing in an extra kick, a move instructors called speed skater. From left are Kari Bedi, Rachel Goodrich, partially hidden toward the back, and Lani Smith.  

Many New Year’s resolutions involve becoming healthier in body, mind and/or spirit.

Excesses experienced during the holiday season steers some people to adopt stricter eating guidelines and provides determination to be more physically active.

For those needing a focus and accountability, Fairfield Park and Recreation is offering two different classes beginning the second week of the new year.

For any and all fitness levels, personal trainer Kristy Clark is leading “Kristy’s 8 Week Weight Loss Challenge,” meeting 5:30-6:30 p.m. Thursdays, Jan. 10-Feb. 28.

“I’ve taught this class three times previously,” said Clark. “I had 10 participants in the first two classes and students lost between 5 and 15 pounds in the eight weeks.


Journaling: A key to weight loss

“Journaling is the key to weight loss,” she said. “Activity, food and mood — that’s what we need to keep track of and be aware about what we’re doing throughout the day. Journaling activities, food and mood are the ingredients for weight loss.”

Participants take home recipe suggestions and a work out routine for the week. Support is also a big part of the class.

“I text or email participants and they can share with one another if they’d like,” said Clark. “We all have off-days. Motivation is important.

“I ask students to exercise 30 to 60 minutes a day six days a week. We have one day of rest and one ‘cheat day,’ is allowed.

“But I recommend not using a cheat day the day prior to class because it will show up on weigh-in.”

The class is a weight loss challenge and participants weigh themselves weekly and share the number with Clark.

“Some people are willing to share with others in class and others are not, so no one has to make their weight or weight loss amount public and the documentation is kept locked in my office,” she said. “I do ask that I can share the total pounds lost by the class with the class.”

The Park and Rec flier promoting the class describes it as “turning your body into a fat burning machine,” and taking place at the Roosevelt Community Recreation Center, the aquatic center and Fairfield parks and recreation trails

“We might walk or run on the trails, depending on weather,” said Clark. “We use the pool if it’s available and not in use for swim team practice.

“We have water aerobics with buoyant weights. I had a student who doesn’t swim and also was afraid of water and she participated. The weights float and can hold you up, so she even went into the deep water when the class did.”

Clark, a certified personal training for two years with an active lifestyle all of her life, said leading classes has been a learning experience for her as well.

“In the first class, a wide range of activity levels was represented. So I learned to modify some of the training so each participant could learn and make progress,” she said. “I give each student a manual at the first meeting and I’ve had to update it with the modifications.”

She’s also aware some recipes may need modifying for participants who don’t eat meat or dairy.

“It’s surprising, but some people don’t eat enough food,” said Clark. “It shows up when we get to strength training, some people aren’t as strong as they could be because they feel as if they need to limit food too much. We take it a step at a time.”


Female Intensity Training — F.I.T.

The second option, at least for women that are at intermediate or above exercise level, is a FIT class, 5:30-6:30 p.m. Wednesdays, Jan. 9 to Feb. 27.

Two personal trainers will lead this class, Clark and Stephanie Giberson.

“I’m just finishing up teaching the first class,” said Clark. “It’s been very rewarding and we’ve seen some great progress.

“Three gals from my weight loss challenge class moved up to take this female intensive training class. We have a lot of camaraderie in this class. We’ve set up a Facebook page and participants can post about their ups and downs.”

The class is high intensity training with instructions to increase each woman’s range of motion, endurance and level of activity while protecting the body from injury or strains.

During the eight weeks, participants will practice cardio workouts, weight lifting, swimming and interval training.

Another factor Clark stresses for good health is hydration.

“Everyone needs to drink water, if you don’t drink water during and after activity, that’s when you get sore,” she said.

At the beginning of the eight weeks, Clark and Giberson start training working with each woman individually.

“We want to know her maximum level at the starting point and we demonstrate proper techniques and how to use the weight machines,” said Clark. “We take everyone through step by step.”

The cost for each of these two eight-week class is $96 each which includes admission to the rec center during class times.

Contact the rec center at 472-6159 or visit its website www.fairfieldparksandrec.com for more information.



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