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Fairfield boy still missing

By DIANE VANCE | Aug 30, 2013
Freddy Workman

Fliers have been around Fairfield a few weeks with a photo and a message — “My Son is Missing” — describing Freddy Workman, 15, who walked out of a boys’ home in Des Moines on Aug. 2.

His mother and stepfather, Anna and Kelly Shields, live in Fairfield; his father, Mike Workman and wife, live in Davenport.

The flier gives each family’s phone number and asks anyone with tips and information to contact the family or any law enforcement agency.

Mike Workman, at 563-468-8946, said he made the fliers and asked Anna Shields to distribute them around Fairfield. The Shields can be reached at 641-451-6088.

“I’ve distributed fliers around Newton, and we took a lot to the state fair in Des Moines for distribution,” said Workman.

He said he last saw his son July 29, the Monday prior to his walking out on a Friday.

“I went over every two weeks for family meetings,” said Workman. “He seemed to be doing pretty good the last time I saw him.

“We took him over some new school clothes, and that’s what he walked out in.”

The flier describes the teen as wearing an orange T-shirt with a gold cross on the front and back, dark blue skinny jeans and Nike high tops with a light blue swoosh on the side.

Kelly Shields said Freddy had been in the Des Moines boys’ home about two or three months.

Comments on Facebook say family members have searched Des Moines area parks looking for Freddy.

“I was up in Newton last night, checking the park there,” said Shields. “We got a tip that a woman had been feeding a boy in the park for several days and the description sounded similar to Freddy. No luck.

“I talked with the Newton police.”

Mike Workman said the boy in Newton’s park had been sleeping on a park bench for days and a woman would bring him food early in the morning and late at night.

“The boy didn’t show up yesterday at all,” said Workman, relating further information about Shields’ trip to the park Thursday evening.

Workman said he told his son’s counselor at the boys’ home to monitor his son when angered.

“Every time I went there, I told them not to let him outside by himself, especially if he is angry,” said Workman.

“They have a system of earning privileges and Freddy had been allowed some outside time and his probation officer told me he had two or three months left in the program. Then he went and shoplifted a necklace; not good.

“When he returned to the home, there were consequences and he was told to go to his room. After awhile he came out and asked if he could go outside, and they let him. They waited a half-hour before going to check on him. He was gone,” said Workman.

“I am so angry at the home for disobeying my orders.”

Workman said since making the fliers and distributing them around, the family has received lots of tips, “and a lot of sick people making calls to us.”

He thought a nationwide missing person’s report had gone out recently.

“My son has been in lockup for three years,” said Workman. “He first was in Agency, then Montrose, then Four Oaks in the Cedar Rapids-Marion area. That was too advanced for him so they put him in this 1011 program.”

The 1011 program is a residential treatment facility for teen boys in the Children & Families of Iowa system.

Jefferson County Assistant Attorney Pat McAvan said the Des Moines Police Department listed Freddy Workman as a missing person on Aug. 3.

“We are concerned about him and hope he is found soon,” said McAvan. “It wasn’t an Amber Alert situation, but that doesn’t mean law enforcement is not actively looking for him.”

Many issues dealing with juvenile court are confidential.

“I really hope he is found,” said McAvan.

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