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Fairfield job picture not great

By Pat Starnes | Nov 01, 2012

To the editor:

Mr. Malloy you say Fairfield is doing very well for jobs [‘Fairfield’s growth evidence very clear,’ page 4, Oct. 24]. I look every day in the paper, and the jobs I see are for Kalona, Washington, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa City, and etc. Cambridge is doing great but we can’t depend on one company for all the jobs.

Where are the jobs for Fairfield? We need a variety of jobs for people that live in the area so they don’t have to travel to other communities. With gas prices high and wages low it doesn’t pay to travel long distance to work. If we had jobs maybe we would have the money for big projects. It seems Fairfield likes to spend lots of money but is not interested in bringing business to town. There is something very wrong with this picture. Tourism alone is not going to help Fairfield. You Mr. Malloy and the Chamber of Commerce are responsible for stifling our growth.


— Pat Starnes, Fairfield

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