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Fairfield Public Library Memorials

Oct 18, 2012

The Fairfield Public Library recently received several donations and memorials.



Given by Joanna Johnson, “Slay Ride” by Francis;

Given by Roseann Swink, “Big Sky Mountain” by Miller.



Joan Barlow given by Michael and Michele Greiner and Family, “Olive and the Big Secret” by Freeman;

Keith Crile given by Gwen Wells, “All My Patients Kick and Bite” by Wells;

Brent Hospers given by Coleé Hospers, “Deadline Artists” by Avlon and “Page One” (DVD); and “Art & Copy” (DVD);

Phyllis Kayser Knapp given by Fairfield High School Class of 1959, “Left, Right, Emma!” by Murphy, and “Little Pig Joins the Band” by Costello.

Marjorie Manning given by friends and family, “The Unexpected Houseplant” by Martin.

Wanda Richmond given by Doug, Jayne, Nathan and Elayna Fisher, “Cookies” by Baker and “Listen to My Trumpet!” by Willems;

Wanda Richmond given by Julie, Todd and Brayden Aeschliman, “Apple” by McClure, and “Awesome Autumn” by Goldstone.

Dean Schafer given by friends and family, “Bowhunting Tactics That Deliver Trophies” by Bartylla;

Bob Swanson given by Fairfield High School Class of 1959, “2012 Official NFL Record and Factbook” by National Football League, and “Sports Illustrated Kids 1st and 10” by National Football League.



Given by Dave and Terry Ann, “Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog” (Book on CD) by Scottoline;

Given by Dave Randall, “A Touch of Frost, Season 15” (DVD), “Columbo Mystery Collection, 1991-1993” (DVD), “Eagleheart, Season 1” (DVD), “House M.D., Season 8” (DVD), “In Plain Sight, Season 2” (DVD), “Leverage, Season 1” (DVD), “Magnum P.I., Season 2” (DVD), “Magnum P.I., Season 7” (DVD), “Midsomer Murders, Set 20” (DVD), “Psych, Season 3” (DVD), “Psych, Season 5” (DVD), “The Big C, Season 2” (DVD), and “The Guardian, Season 1” (DVD);

Given by Roseann Swink, “Brownies and Broomsticks” by Cates, “Fearless in High Heels” by Halliday, and “Somebody to Love” by Higgins;

Given by the author Lisa Moser, “Railroad Hank” by Moser.


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