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Fairfield Public Library receives memorials, gifts

Apr 05, 2018

The Fairfield Public Library received several memorials and gifts in March.



In memory of Donna Coop, given by friends and family, “How to Window Box” by Gordon; “I’ve Got My Eyes on You” (Large Print) by Clark; “Martha’s Flowers” by Stewart; “New York 2140” by Robinson; The Flower-Powered Garden” by Vernon; “The Value of Weeds” by Cliff.

In memory of Richard Gould, given by his wife Susan Kaplan, “Refusal to Submit” by Gould.

In memory of Kyle Jerome Longerbeam, given by Karin and Jerome Hemrich, “The Early Years: The Journals of Richard L. Proenneke, 1967-1973” edited by Branson.

In memory of James Sylvia, given by Susan Jatcowski, “Homeland, Season 6” (DVD).

In memory of Meiko Shinohara Williams, given by Sharry and Harry Smith, “The Last Grand Adventure” by Behrens.



Given by Carol and Jan Messer, “Any Day Now” by Carr.

Given by Joe Mandarino, “Agent in Place” by Greaney, “All-American Murder” by Patterson & Abramovich; “Annihilation” by Vandermeer; “Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving” by Kingry; “Bar Tartine” by Balla; “Break, Blow, Burn” by Paglia; “Bringing It to the Table” by Berry; “Children of Blood and Bone” by Adeyemi; “Directorate S” by Coll; “Elephant Reflections” by Ammann; “Enlightenment Now” by Pinker; “Everything Happens for a Reason” by Bowler; “Happiness is a Choice You Make” by Leland; “Heart of Iron” by Poston; “Homefront 911” by Bannerman; “If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother” by Sweeney; “I’ll be Gone in the Dark” by McNamara; “In Pursuit of Memory” by Jebelli; “Ink, Iron, and Glass” by Clare; “Lost Connections” by Hari; “Masterminds & Wingmen” by Wiseman; “Tempests and Slaughter” by Pierce; “Tess of the Road” by Hartman; “The Belles” by Clayton; “The Common Good” by Reich; “The Danger Within Us” by Lenzer; “The Immune System Recovery Plan” by Blum; “The Infinite Gift” by Yang; “The Kremlin’s Candidate”

by Matthews; “The

Lady and Her Mon-sters” by Montillo; “The Price Guide to the Occult” by Walton; “The Traitor’s Game” by Nielsen; “The Valley of Horses” by Auel; “The Water-Saving Garden” by Penick; “Thinking Differently” by Flink; “This Heart of Mine” by Hunter; “Tyler Johnson Was Here” by Coles; “Unearthed” by Kaufman; “Voyage of the Turtle” by Safina; “When Breath Becomes Air” by Kalanithi;

“Your Own Terms” by Davidds-Garrido.

Given by The Bunco Babes, “Chasing King’s Killer” by Swanson; “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” by Rowling; “Out of Wonder” by Alexander; “Seeing into Tomorrow” by Wright.

Given by the Dave Randall Estate, “Bang the Drum Slowly” (DVD); “Collateral Damage” (DVD); “Constantine” (DVD); “Danny Deckchair” (DVD); “Duel at Diablo” (DVD); “Eye of the Needle” (DVD); “Hardball” (DVD); “Harlem Nights” (DVD); “Heat” (DVD); “Ike: Countdown to D-Day” (DVD); “Just the Ticket” (DVD); “Madigan” (DVD); “Mr. Mom” (DVD); “My Giant” (DVD); “Songs in Ordinary Time” (DVD); “Swing Kids” (DVD); “The Commitments” (DVD); “The Game” (DVD); “The Heartbreak Kid” (DVD); “The Informers” (DVD); “The Next Karate Kid” (DVD); “The Winning Season” (DVD); “While You Were Sleeping” (DVD).


Wishtree Gifts

Given anonymously, “Victoria, Season 2” (DVD).



For information about presenting memorials and gifts to Fairfield Public Library or becoming involved in its adopt-an-author, adopt-a-magazine or wish-tree programs, call 472-6551.

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