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Fairfield reports sewer overflows

Apr 19, 2013

The city of Fairfield experienced several sanitary sewer overflows from Wednesday and Thursday as a result of the flooding.

The city estimates 3.7 million gallons of sanitary sewer waste overflowed. The torrential rains that deposited more than 5 inches of rain from Tuesday through Thursday night, accompanied by moist soil, infiltrated the sanitary sewer and overloaded the system.

The city is preparing to upgrade the sewer collection system and also the treatment facility. Construction on the new treatment facility is slated to start in spring 2014.

Wastewater plant superintendent Shawn Worley said in a press release the city’s main goal is protecting the public’s health.

“The city asks homeowners to assist us in our efforts by checking that all sump pump discharge pipes are routed to the surface and not to the sanitary sewer as well as roof down spouts are also routed in the same way. We appreciate our community’s support,” he said.


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