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Fairfield showed class against Albia

By Jerry Staton | Sep 20, 2013

To the editor:

When things don’t go right I know you hear about it. I want to share with you some things that most certainly did go right when you hosted Albia in a football game [Aug. 31].

The very first person we met was a custodian who was very friendly with a big smile on his face. Very soon along came your athletic director who was very helpful in helping us get situated and explained the procedures for the night. He asked if we needed anything and to contact him if we did. Very professional gentleman.

Soon some young ladies came to see if we needed to use the gator to get our gear to our sideline. The entire evening we had ample water to use for our players and that misting fan was fabulous and a great example of sportsmanship by your people.

Following the game there is the obligatory handshake but this one was different. Your players actually shook hands instead of the hand slap thing many players do. They complimented our players and demonstrated some real class in the face of a disappointing start to their season. I won’t call it a loss because they actually were winners by the way they acted at the end of the game. The sportsmanship of your players in the game was excellent.

There was no trash talking or chest bumping that takes place in some schools. This sportsmanship reflects what they are being taught at Fairfield High School.

Nobody likes to not win and I am very well aware of the great football tradition in Fairfield. I played four years on that field as a Parsons College player and have some 30 years as a coach against Fairfield. I was impressed by the sportsmanship demonstrated by your football coaching staff as they came to congratulate us on the game.

Really that is what Iowa high school football should be about but that is not always the case with some schools.

We wish Fairfield great success in the remainder of the season and want you to know we certainly appreciated the hospitality extended to us. We also want to congratulate whoever marks your field on an excellent job.


Peace and grace,

– Jerry Staton, Albia High School football coach


(This letter was originally addressed to Fairfield Schools Superintendent Art Sathoff. It is reprinted here with the author’s permission.)


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