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Neighbors Growing Together | Oct 21, 2017

Fairfield will be friendly if we live by Golden Rule

By Melinda Arndt | Nov 10, 2016

To the editor:

We are decent, neighborly people here in Fairfield. Today [day after election] a few incidents occurred that shook me up, and made me feel less than safe in our usually friendly city.

A Trump sign across the street from an elementary school, had been altered to say Make America Grope Again. A female work colleague walking to work happened to pass this sign just as the owner was getting in his car and backing out of the driveway.

He leered at her and made a rude gesture at her. She arrived at work shaken and related the incident at our morning meeting. Shortly after, I heard that a man walking in town experienced a loud, derisive shout of “faggot!” hurled at him from a car, something he had never before experienced in Fairfield.

Friends and neighbors of Jefferson County, election results notwithstanding, rape culture is not a joking matter, to which those who have been assaulted can attest. Demeaning others in a threatening way does not improve our own self-worth, and does not reflect well on our fair city as a friendly, respectful place.

If you witness behavior like this, stop it, do not ignore it.

Let us live by the Golden Rule, and Fairfield will remain a friendly and welcoming place.

Your friend and neighbor,


– Melinda Arndt, Fairfield

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Posted by: Glen Joseph Peiffer | Nov 12, 2016 00:14
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