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Fairfield woman charged with embezzlement

Woman accused of taking money from Little League
By ANDY HALLMAN Ledger news editor | Jan 27, 2017

A Fairfield woman has been charged with embezzling more than $10,000 from the Fairfield Little League.

According to Jefferson County Attorney Tim Dille, Catherine Schafer is being charged with embezzlement, ongoing criminal conduct, first-degree theft and two counts of forgery related to her involvement in Fairfield Little League.

The Jefferson County Attorney’s Office has a conflict of interest in the case, however, so it will be tried by the Washington County Attorney's Office instead. Schafer’s trial date is March 28. Dille said the conflict of interest is that Assistant County Attorney Pat McAvan is on the Fairfield Little League’s board of directors. Not only that, McAvan is among those listed as a witness in the case.

In a different but according to Dille tangentially related case, Schafer has another charge of first-degree theft and ongoing criminal conduct, and this case will be tried in Jefferson County. In that case, Schafer is accused of unauthorized use of another person’s credit card. The court date has been set for Feb. 14, though Dille noted there are about 30 cases scheduled to go to trial that same day, and that he suspects the trial will be delayed.

Dille said defendants have the option of asking for a trial within a year of their arraignment, though he said Schafer has waived that right for the case that will be handled in Jefferson County.

“Because she waived that right, and because of the volume of cases, I would be shocked if it went to trial on Feb. 14,” Dille said.

Dille said his office learned about the Jefferson County case because the alleged victim told authorities she had tried to get Schafer to pay the credit card and she wouldn’t do it.

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