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FHS announces fall production

Oct 20, 2016

The Broadway Players of FHS announce its fall production entitled “What If ....

Betsie Wotherspoon, Fairfield High School’s new drama director, promises — as Monty Python used to say — “something completely different.”

The title references Wotherspoon’s belief that every captivating story begins with the thought: “What if . . . ?” The production is comprised of three short plays and a mini-musical, which answer that question in wildly diverse ways.

What if ... a snowman could talk? “Death of a Snowman” is the story of a grieving little girl who has serious questions and no one to talk to — except her snowman. What follows is a poignant conversation she has with her older and wiser friend about humanity’s biggest questions about death and the preciousness and purpose of life.

Rachel Funkhouser and Jordan Town portray Charlotte and Mr. Snowman.

What if ... the Big Bad Wolf was put on trial and a jury of pigs decided his fate? The children’s theatre piece, “12 Angry Pigs,” is actually a parody of the courtroom classic “12 Angry Men.”

Dallas Carlson, Harper Fiske, Zaya Garner, Ahillan Kumar, Holly Harward, Hope Hawkins, Alex Helmick, Michael Hunt, River Norwood, Mira Pappin, Mich Putnam, and Cheson Taylor portray the hilarious pigs, with support from Matthew McLain as the Wolf and Hailey Simmons as a multitude of courtroom characters.

What if ... New Yorkers candidly spoke of an important possession they misplaced? “Gone Missing” is a compilation of true stories. Ordinary people share of losing a beloved doll, a ring, a family heirloom, a valuable photo, a child’s backpack, a Palm Pilot, a Gucci pump, and other items indispensable to them. While acknowledging that people are always more important than things, the musical explores the meaning of the “stuff” of our lives.

Adding their musical and acting talents to this play are Aaron Austin, Rachel Funkhouser, Gwen Kermott, Phoenix Haessler, Holly Harward, Ahillan Kumar, Matthew McLain, River Norwood, Cheson Taylor, and David Wallingford.

What if ... there was rebellion in the royal family, war, misplaced trust, vicious jealousy, a villain and henchmen, betrayal, broken hearts, buffoonish law enforcement, snooping, scandal, guile, treachery, and death in Messina, Italy? And this is one of Shakespeare’s comedies! “Much Ado About Nothing” is certainly not about nothing. Who else but William Shakespeare could devise a story where every single character is deceived, the deceiver, or both?

Tackling this tricky tale are: Matthew McLain and Phoenix Haessler playing Benedick and Beatrice, characters who are so clever they can’t admit they’re in love.

Zaya Garner takes the part of Don Pedro, a visiting prince who brings Don John, his mutinous half-brother (Aaron Austin), in tow. Don John is joined by his diabolical henchmen, Borachio and Conrade, portrayed by Alex Helmick and Hailey Simmons respectively. Gwen Kermott as Hero and Jordan Town as Claudio are the victims of Don John’s cruel scheme.

Lilu Papp and Harper Fiske are family servants who are also pulled into the deception. David Wallingford assumes the role of Dogberry, the dim-witted but pompous constable. He is assisted by a bungling bunch of deputies called “The Watch” played by Rachel Funkhouser, Cheson Taylor, Mich Putnam, Michael Hunt, and Hope Hawkins. Friar Francis and the Messenger are played by Dallas Carlson.

FHS graduate and guest performer Noel Wotherspoon plays Leonata, the Lady of Messina.

Staff members Jim Edgeton, John Grunwald, and Noel Wotherspoon lend their technical expertise to the production. The student stage managers are Lyd Larch, Mira Pappin, Ella Phillips, and Michael Hunt. Other crew includes Ben Anderson, Amber Benevidez, Paige Carlson, Jacob Copeland, J.J. Funkhouser, Alex Helmick, Phoenix Hunt, Katie McLain, Mich Putnam, and David Wallingford.

The performances will be at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 28 and 29, with a matinee at 2 p.m. Oct. 30 at the FHS Auditorium.

Tickets will be sold at the door; the box office opens at 7 p.m. Admission is $5 for general seating.

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