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FHS graduates earn scholarships, awards

May 23, 2014

Scholarships and awards totaling more than $125,000 were awarded to Fairfield High School seniors at the 2014 Senior Awards Program Wednesday evening in the FHS Auditorium.

The annual ceremony recognizes students for outstanding academic achievement and high moral standards with more than 70 awards and scholarships given this year by businesses, organizations and friends and families of former community members.

Some of the awards honoring students have no monetary value, such as the Bernie Saggau Award. The annual award honors Saggau, the executive director of the Iowa High School Athletic Association. One student is presented with the award at each high school, chosen by a vote by school faculty members. The recipient is selected based on honesty, citizenship, sportsmanship and all-around student abilities.

While some scholarships are given based on merit or academics, others are given based on need or specific fields of study, such as nursing, agriculture or automotive maintenance.

The scholarships and awards bestowed upon students at the ceremony do not include scholarships from individual learning institutions.

Governor’s Scholar Recognition: Jordan Whitney.

Bernie Saggau Award: Joseph Hietpas.

FHS Student Council Scholarship: Joanna Funkhouser, Kathryn Box.

FHS Student Council Sportsmanship Award: Joseph Hietpas, Marisa Repp.

FHS Fine Arts Award: Jordan Whitney.

FHS Outstanding Student Council Member Award: Jordan Whitney.

FHS Student Council Good Samaritan Award: Meredith Wallerich, Riley Hammel.

Gallon Grad Award: Landon Gamrath, Kathryn Box, Dorian Larson, Brooke Helmick, Sashmere Wright, Miranda Sanders.

John Phillip Sousa Award: Coren Hucke.

Louis Armstrong Award: Claudia Sloat.

Ron Prill Memorial Music Scholarship: Coren Hucke.

National Choral Award: Coren Hucke, Claudia Sloat.

Quincy Jones Award: Baylee Bowman.

Charlotte Lamb Memorial Music Scholarship: Claudia Sloat.

Outstanding Business Student Awards: Joseph Hietpas, Riley Hammel, Kara Greiner, Brooke Stever, Alex Shier.

Jeanne B. Thoma Memorial: Paige Palmer.

Brian Best Memorial Scholarship: Brooke Stever.

Pat Goehring Memorial Scholarship: Eden Bell.

Jefferson County Health Center Auxiliary Scholarship: McKenna Ledger, Laura Jackson, Paige Palmer, Huma Liptak.

MidWestOne Bank Scholarship: Riley Hammel.

Fairfield Manufacturer’s Association Scholarship: Meredith Wallerich, Jordan Whitney.

Christopher Kelly Scholarship: McKenna Ledger.

Don Kremer Art Scholarship: Eden Bell.

Susan Presley Scholarship: Micah Harris.

Jefferson County Auto Tech Scholarship: Austin Shelby, Ethan Tillis.

Elks Lodge 1192 Charitable Trust Scholarship: Meredith Wallerich.

Elks Lodge 1192 Scholarship: Wyatt Stark.

Iowa Elks Association Grant: Kathryn Box, Makayla Kessel, Joe Hietpas, Jordan Whitney.

Victor R. Rail Memorial Scholarships: Joanna Funkhouser.

Mary F. Pettit Memorial Scholarship: Makayla Kessel.

Thomas and Violet Brown Memorial Scholarship: Meredith Wallerich.

Fairfield Lions Club Scholarship: Kathryn Box, Mason Ellis.

FCEA Scholarship/Community 1st Credit Union: Coren Hucke.

Jefferson County Cattlemen’s Association Scholarship: Brooke Stever.

FFA Scholarship: Seth Simmons.

Jefferson County 4-H Youth Committee Scholarship: Ethan Tillis.

Jefferson County Extension Scholarship: Brooke Stever, Ethan Tillis.

Kiwanis Scholarship: Eden Bell, Joseph Hietpas, Coren Hucke, McKenna Ledger, Meredith Wallerich.

Jefferson County Farm Bureau Scholarship: Makayla Kessel, Allison Angstead.

Iowa State Bank and Trust Business Scholarship: Valerie Payne.

Pepsi-Cola Scholarship: Keri Schwarz.

Denise Dallner Memorial Scholarship: Brooke Stever.

Dexter Scholarship: Joseph Hietpas.

Hawthorne Direct Fine Arts Scholarship: Coren Hucke.

Hill Phoenix Scholarship: Baylee Bowman.

Iowa State Bar Association Citizenship Award: Jordan Whitney.

Scott Jordan Community Scholarship: Erica Topping.

First National Bank Scholarship: Vince Horras, Laura Jackson.

Rotary Club Challenge Scholarship: Emily Manning.

William Stever Memorial Rotarian Scholarship: Cheyanne Laux, Hanna Greiner, Erica Topping.


Greater Jefferson County Foundation Scholarships

Phil Greiner Memorial Scholarship: Hanna Greiner, Riley Hammel, Wyatt Stark.

Richard L. Leed Music & Language Scholarship: Coren Hucke.

Harold & Kay Turner Faculty Scholarship: FHS PE teacher Brad Snowgren.

Jim “Lefty” Leyden Memorial Scholarship-Faculty: FHS PE teacher Brad Snowgren.

Everett & Ella Adrian Scholarship: Makayla Kessel, Paige Palmer.

Robert Wiseman: Alyssa Murphy.

Jack Sellars Career/Tech Scholarship: Allison Angstead, Erica Winslow.

Medical Scholarship: Matt Carr.

Sherry A. Champ Memorial: Hanna Greiner.

Mary Witkosky Memorial: Claudia Sloat, Laura Jackson.

Pete & Fern Crafton Memorial: Makayla Kessel.

Leo L. & Marion M. Nady Memorial: Meredith Wallerich.

Leona F. Nady Memorial: Madison Nelson.

Carl R. & Mary G. Zillman Conservation: Sara Adam.

Ruth Sellars Scholarship: Huma Liptak.

Grace Roberts Nursing: Claudia Sloat.

Nelle T. Neff Memorial: Marisa Repp.

Karlena “Dub” Thoma Scholarship: Joanna Funkhouser, Marisa Repp.

Fairfield Alumni Scholarship: Makayla Kessel.

Hazel Scovel Samuelson Memorial: Alyssa Murphy.

Thoma-Williamson Educational Scholarship: Meredith Wallerich, Jordan Whitney.

John Jackson Instrumental Music: Coren Hucke.

Scott Jordan Memorial: Krystal Weirup.

Roman & Evelyn Gevock Memorial: Baylee Bowman.

Ralph A. Perry Memorial: Kathryn Box, Mason Ellis, Keagan Drish, Joanna Funkhouser, Riley Hammel, Wyatt Stark.


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