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Fisher retiring; Faculty author chapter; M.U.M. microscope grant; Smithsonian magazine available

Apr 01, 2013

Open house for Fisher’s retirement

An open house, hosted by Iowa State Bank and Trust Company of Fairfield, will be given in honor of the retirement of Janet Fisher from 2-4 p.m. Friday at the bank’s main office.

Fisher has been with the company for 21 years. She began working at Iowa State Bank in 1992 as a teller and became receptionist in 1997.

Fisher is looking forward to spending more time with her husband Bill, son, Doug Fisher and his wife Jayne; daughter, Julie Aeschliman and her husband Todd; and her three grandchildren.

Friends and well-wishers are welcome to attend the open house.


Faculty author chapter on empathy

A chapter by Maharishi Univeristy of Management faculty members Dennis Heaton and Fred Travis, titled “Consciousness, Empathy, and the Brain,” will appear in a forthcoming book titled “Organizing Through Empathy” being published by Routledge, a leading academic publisher.

Heaton was invited to contribute to the book as a result of contacts he made when he attended the Academy of Management meetings in 2011.

Their chapter describes the research of M.U.M.’s Center for Brain, Consciousness and Cognition, which has been examining higher states of consciousness through physiological, psychological and phenomenological approaches to research. Specifically, the research has explored how experiences of transcendence are associated with more integrated functioning in the brain, higher levels of moral development, and positive psychological health.

The chapter explains higher states of consciousness entail a worldview in which one’s own self is associated with a ground of being that pervades and connects all beings. Feelings and behaviors of empathy are natural consequences of development of consciousness.

The authors discuss the unified field in physics and how it parallels the Vedic concept of consciousness, and they conclude by presenting the research on the “Maharishi Effect,” which is evidence for coherent field effects in collective consciousness.

This information was provided by The Review, Maharishi University of Management’s electronic newsletter.


$10,000 grant to fund microscopes

A lab in the Maharishi University of Management Sustainable Living Center is being outfitted with 15 new microscopes, thanks to a $10,745 grant from the Carver Foundation to M.U.M.’s sustainable living program.

The program had been sharing microscopes with the physiology and health program, entailing carrying them from one building to another, but now each lab will have its own complement of microscopes.

The grant is funding purchase of 10 high-power and five lower-power microscopes.

Students in the sustainable living program use microscopes in a class on plant biology to view prepared slides of plants, fungi, bacteria and protista and in a class on living systems.

The use of microscopes also is crucial to the students’ study of soil biology. They analyze soil to see if it has the proper balance of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, and microarthropods. If the soil lacks that balance, they learn how to restore it. Once restored, the soil will itself maintain this balance. Elaine Ingham, who teaches the class, said soil with a natural balance is capable of growing crops without the need for fertilizer or pest control.

This information was provided by The Review, Maharishi University of Management’s electronic newsletter.


Magazine with list of best small towns available

Fairfield, named by Smithsonian magazine as the seventh best small town in America to visit, is featured in the April edition of the magazine along with the other small towns that made the top 10 list.

Smithsonian magazine lauded Fairfield for its history, sustainability, unique flair and culture.

The April edition is available now for purchase. Single copies of the issue of Smithsonian magazine cost $5.99, with no additional shipping charges if shipped to a U.S. address. Beginning May 1, the issue is considered a “back issue” and will cost $7 per copy.

For information about the top 10 list or about ordering a copy of the magazine, contact the Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce at 472-2111, email nmorrissey@fairfieldiowa.com or visit the website www. fairfieldiowa.com.

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