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Neighbors Growing Together | Aug 17, 2018

Fleig family reunion

Jul 19, 2018

Fleig family

Descendants of Johnann Jakob Sr. and Anna Katharina (Heisner) Mark Fleig will meet at 11 a.m. July 29 in the Rubio Community Building.

A cooperative dinner will be at 12:30 p.m., followed by the annual meeting and ice cream.

Recognition will be given to 94-year-old Carroll Steinbeck, the only person to have been born in and lived his entire life in Rubio, except for the time he spent away at college and serving in World War II.

James B. Fleig and his family of Lafayette, California, are scheduled to attend. He is the grandson of Delpha and John Fleig Jr., who had the general store in Rubio from 1904-1952 and 1954-1959, and was postmaster of Rubio 1904-1950, and the son of Wilfred and Elizabeth (Long) Fleig. He and his family will tell about traveling to Europe in June and meeting with relatives Gernot and Hildegard Fleig and their son Matthias’s family of Kippenheim, Germany, and with 90-year-old Fritz Fleig and his daughters Elke and Monika with son Bastian of Sulz, Germany.

This will be the 77th anniversary of the Fleig family’s first reunion held in 1941.

Johann and Katharine immigrated to America from Germany and came to the area in 1874. They sold some of their land to the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway Co. when the railroad laid tracks and plotted the town of Rubio in 1901.

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