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FMS honors Students of Month

May 10, 2017
PHOTO SUBMITTED Fairfield Middle School Students of the Month for March are, from left, sitting: Lucy Kuehl, Ashlyn Lisk, Jenna Norris, Daphne Gunderson; standing: Tristin McBride, Ryan Higgins, Elks representative Ric McCurren, Marley Young.

Fairfield Middle School and the Fairfield Elks Lodge recently recognized the March and April Students of the Month.



The fifth-grade Students of the Month for March were Lucy Kuehl and Tristin McBride.

Kuehl’s certificate states she “is always responsible about getting things done in a timely manner. She can always be depended on to do what she is supposed to be doing. She is prepared for class and listens to directions. She puts good effort into her work, and she always has a positive attitude. Lucy is a good example of Trojan PRIDE!”

McBride’s certificate states he “is always on task during class and is willing to step up and be a leader in the classroom. He always does his best work, displays excellent effort, and is willing to participate in class discussions. He shows respect toward his peers and teachers and is always doing the right thing. His positive attitude really shows in class.”

The sixth-grade Students of the Month were Ashlyn Lisk and Ryan Higgins.

Lisk’s certificate states she “is prepared every day and is extremely dependable on getting work done on time. Ashlyn displays a great work ethic and attitude, striving to do her best at all times.”

Higgins’s certificate states he “has a positive energy and attitude, a great sense of humor, and is polite to others. He works hard at doing his best at all times. This year, he participated in the school musical, which was outside of his comfort zone, and did a great job singing and acting.”

The seventh-grade Students of the Month were Jenna Norris and Marley Young.

Norris’s certificate states she “works hard and never gives up. She has a positive attitude and is always kind to others, consistently showing that she is willing to help others. She contributes positively to class discussions and activities. Jenna is also very curious about learning, and this allows her to ask great questions.”

Young’s certificate states he is “ a responsible student who has a great work ethic and produces quality work. He is kind to his peers and respectful to all. Marley is trustworthy and can always be found doing the right thing. He exemplifies what it means to be a Trojan.”

The eighth-grade Student of the Month was Daphne Gunderson.

Gunderson’s certificate states she “has shown tremendous growth in her attitude, her work ethic, and her self-confidence.She is willing to take risks in the classroom by answering questions and is willing to contribute her ideas within her peer groups. Daphne takes pride in doing her best and completing her homework on time.”



The fifth-grade Students of the Month for April were Dalton Lange-Money and Emma Harris.

Lange-Money’s certificate states he “has really improved the quality of his work throughout the quarter. He has been doing a better job of paying attention and participating in class. He has really put the effort into bringing his grades up and has proven he can do quality work. He is not afraid to come and ask for help when needed or moving if it helps him focus on task at hand.”

Harris’s certificate states she “works hard each day to do her very best. She does a good job paying attention during class time and shows she cares about her learning. She follows expectations and does a good job showing Trojan PRIDE.”

The sixth-grade Students of the Monthy were Kiya Robertson and Mikael Anderson.

Robertson’s certificate states she “shows her Trojan PRIDE each day by being prepared for class and working hard to do her best. She is a kind, dependable student with a positive attitude, and a willingness to help others.”

Anderson’s certificate states he “has a positive attitude, and has done a great job with his assignments and cooperation with others. It is great to see a student so excited and energetic towards learning daily.”

The seventh-grade Students of the Month were Raegan Burbank and Paige Droz.

Burbank’s certificate states she “always does her best work. When working in a group, she helps to keep the group on task and focused. She is responsible and takes initiative. She is mindful of her work and wants to talk through things until she fully understands. She’s an eager learner.”

Droz’s certificate states she “comes to class with a positive attitude and the determination to always do her very best! She is responsible, courteous, and polite to everyone. Paige exemplifies our Trojan PRIDE expectations in the classroom and in the hallways!”

The eighth-grade Students of the Month was Brody Angstead.

Angstead’s certificate states he “is a serious student who consistently turns in outstanding work in all of his classes. An independent worker and a self-starter, Brody is a leader in and out of the classroom. A friendly demeanor and a strong work ethic have earned Brody the respect of his teachers and his classmates. Brody can always be counted on to be a representative of the Trojan PRIDE spirit.”


Purpose of recognition

Each school month, Fairfield Elks Lodge sponsors the Fairfield Middle School Student of the Month awards.

The purpose of the award is to acknowledge positive contributions of FMS students at school. These positive contributions range from assisting teachers and peers in classroom activities to displaying characteristics as a role model in and out of the classroom.

FMS Student of the Month certificates are awarded after a nomination and voting process is completed by the grade-level teaching teams.


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