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FMS Students of Month honored

May 03, 2018
PHOTO SUBMITTED Fairfield Middle School Students of the Month for April are, from left, front row: Madison Yarnell, Savannah Hollander, Erica Meyers, Nicole Rob; back row: Dimitri Petrimeas, Bode Hoskins, Doug Alexander, Kaylee Pringle, Nate Woodburn.

Each school month, Fairfield Elks Lodge sponsors the Fairfield Middle School “Students of the Month” award to acknowledge positive contributions of the students, such as assisting teachers and peers in classroom activities to displaying characteristics as a role model in and out of the classroom.

The Students of the Month certificates are awarded after a nomination and voting process is completed by each grade-level teaching team.

Madison Yarnell is a fifth-grade Student of the Month. Her certificate states, “She does an excellent job being a good role model in the class and following Trojan PRIDE expectations. She sets high goals and expectations for herself and works hard to achieve her goals each and every day. She loves to help around the classroom and helps in keeping our room and school environmentally safe.”

Dimitri Petrimeas is a fifth-grade Student of the Month because of his hard work and integrity. His certificate states he “is helpful, kind, and dependable to his classmates and adults. These qualities will help you as you navigate life. Thank you for showing Trojan PRIDE, and for being a quality role model.”

Bode Hoskins is a sixth-grade Student of the Month. His certificate states, “Bode has had a positive attitude toward learning during the month of April. His work ethic is one of his best attributes. Even when things are not easy, he is one to not give up. If he does not understand something he will always ask for clarification. “

Savannah Hollander is a sixth-grade Student of the Month. Her certificate states, “Savannah brings a positive attitude, and a willingness to help others to class consistently. She is a dependable student and her teachers appreciate her work ethic. Savannah shows her Trojan PRIDE by being prepared for class each day, and working hard to do her best.”

Nicole Robb, whom has only been at FMS a short time, is a seventh-grade Student of the Month. Her certificate states, “she has already made a positive impact on her peers and the overall classroom environment. Not only does Nicole have great demeanor, but she also has a strong work ethic. The seventh-grade team has observed her diving right into a task, putting forth full effort, and managing time wisely. Overall, Nicole brightens a classroom with her terrific sense of humor, and her talents are just beginning to be discovered at Fairfield Middle School.”

Erica Meyers, is a seventh-grade Student of the Month. Her certificate states, “She takes her work seriously to ensure her best success. Erica not only puts forth effort, but she is not afraid to make mistakes, as that drives her learning process. Erica, the seventh-grade team appreciates your pride in being dependable, and having a positive attitude along with a sense of humor.”

Nate Woodburn is an eighth-grade Student of the Month. His certificate states, he “has shown great growth in demonstrating his Trojan PRIDE. During class he is respectful by raising his hand to ask questions and clarification. He shows integrity when working on individual and group work, making sure to do his part. Nate has also done well in regard to communication with teachers to arrange times to either complete homework assignments or make changes to improve his score.”

Kaylee Pringle is an eighth-grade Student of the Month. Her certificate states, “Kaylee consistently practices Trojan PRIDE in and out of the classroom. She comes to class prepared each and every day. Even when she is not in class, Kaylee can be depended upon to make sure she completes the work and assignments she missed in a timely and efficient manner. She is always respectful of both her peers and her teachers and is consistently looking to go the extra mile to include others. Kaylee’s actions relating to Trojan PRIDE provide a positive example for her peers to follow.”


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