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Neighbors Growing Together | Sep 18, 2018

Former Pioneers play in alumni basketball game at Fieldhouse

By Justin Webster | Dec 27, 2017
Photo by: JUSTIN WEBSTER/Ledger photo Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment held their annual alumni basketball Bash Friday at the Maharishi Fieldhouse.

Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment held its annual Maharishi School Alumni Basketball Bash Friday at the Maharishi Fieldhouse.

Several dozen fans were in attendance to cheer on the 15 alum that turned out to represent MSAE once again. Four former players and coaches talked about the game and their time at MSAE.


Taylor Ross

2004 graduate

Q) Reminisce if you will about your playing days.

A) When I played was sort of the hayday of boy’s and girl’s basketball at MSAE. We just had an amazing team of women from a few years ahead of me to a few years behind me. We were really good at team work and had a great fastbreak offense. We were dedicated girls and it was fun.


Q) What do you enjoy most about events like the Alumni game?

A) It’s just fun to get back together with the people that I used to play with. When you’re a kid, the way that society is structured, you have time to work on these things that when you’re an adult, you don’t get to really master anything like that because you’re working.

For me, I would go to the rec center every day after school and shoot and shoot and shoot and practice. In a way, when we get back together and play, because I don’t play much anymore, I can remember the feeling of actually really putting the time into something and you have that forever.

Not just with basketball, but it’s that zen feeling of getting back into it. Team sports are fun because you can just be out with your people and I always meet new people when I’m back here so yeah it’s fun.


Tomas Bousquet

2015 graduate

Q) Talk about being part of the last basketball team.

A) It was a little depressing because we didn’t have enough players so we had to pick up people who didn’t really play basketball. There were probably four to five of us that really knew how to play and then we didn’t really have a bench. It was hard because we just kept losing, but there were moments where it was fun. Just running a good play is why I play. Turning nice passing plays into a score. It was rough and it was kind of sad to see it go because I really like basketball and it was fun playing in high school and now people here can’t see it again. They can go to the public school, but it’s not the same for the kids that go to MSAE.


Q) Talk about your time here and what it meant to you.

A) It was awesome. The community at MSAE is unmatched, I think, in terms of high school. Everyone cares a lot about your education. You feel like your teachers are there for you and not just for the salary, although it’s not like teachers are paid very well. They care about the students and that’s part of going to a small school.


Q) Talk about playing with your brother Pasha.

A) It’s an awesome time. I haven’t seen him in probably six months, and because I only see him every six months to a year, doing stuff with him like this is really fun. Obviously we don’t play that much so we might not be in the best shape, but it’s still fun getting out there.


Q) It’s a younger crowd of alumni, do you wish some of the older players were here?

A) What I like about what we have here is we have a pretty good number, so everyone gets to play. If we played a tournament over two days with multiple teams, that’d be awesome.


Former MSAE

basketball coach

Brendan Higgins

Q) Talk about the annual alumni game.

A) Our alumni game has been this time of year, every year for several years.

It’s well attended and we have a lot of fun. it’s one of the best times of year, and it’s one of the best events at the school.

We don’t really have a basketball program anymore, although at one point we had a very, very good basketball team.

So this allows us to see the players who played for us, not too long ago. It’s good for the fans too.


Q) Talk about your relationship with the players.

A) Yeah I know all these guys. I coached most all of them at one point, so for me, it’s a real joy. It’s the ultimate and doesn’t get much better than this.


Q) What about Fairfield playing MSAE in an alumni game?

A) Somebody just mentioned that to me before the game, and we could raise money for some community thing, right? I think that’s a great idea.


Q) Why should people come out to the game next year, even if they didn’t go to MSAE?

A) The main thing is we had a really incredible basketball program not that long ago.

Our banners are still up there and even though we don’t have a team right now, it’d be nice for the community to see what we had and some of the players that can still really play.

It’s just fun to see these players that represented us in the near-past.


Pasha Bousquet

2010 graduate

Q) Talk about getting to play with your brother.

A) It’s great. We didn’t get to play with each other in high school, but it’s great we get to see each other and everyone from our classes and we just get to play and have fun.


Q) What did your time here mean to you?

A) I’m very happy I went to school here and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I actually played for Fairfield High’s soccer team while I went here so I think it’s a great school and the community as a whole is great.

It’s fun to come back and celebrate that.

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