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Four Maharishi School students receive honors at science fair

Apr 02, 2013
PHOTO SUBMITTED Maharishi School middle school students Narayani Thijm and Melat Gebremariam earned honors at the Eastern Iowa Science and Engineering Fair recently held in Cedar Rapids.

Four Maharishi School students won awards at the Eastern Iowa Science and Engineering Fair recently held in Cedar Rapids. Recipients were middle schoolers Narayani Thijm and Melat Gebremariam, and 10th-grade students Alex Hoffman and Bimba Shrestha.

“What is the Greenhouse Effect and How Does It Work?” is the title of the research entered by Thijm and Gebremariam.

The students explain, “Our experiment tests different gases, carbon dioxide, water vapor, and room air to see which heats up the most in a jar.”

They completed their research for honors credit for this semester. Middle school honors requires the students to work entirely on their own time. Barbara Hays sponsored the team.

Thijm and Gebremariam received the following four awards:

• Junior Teams Class I;

• National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin 2013 Taking the Pulse of the Planet Award, for research demonstrating the principles and technical innovations that offer the greatest potential for an improved understanding of Earth’s dynamic processes;

• American Meteorological Society: Outstanding Achievement; and

• A nomination to compete in the Broadcom MASTERS for outstanding performance at a Society for Science & The Public-affiliated fair. Broadcom Math, Applied Science, Technology and Engineering for Rising Stars is the nation’s premier science, technology, engineering and math competition for middle school students.

Shrestha’s project focused on engineering glasses for the visually impaired. His presentation is entitled “Glasses That Can See For Themselves.”

Shrestha received the following four awards:

• Senior Level Class II;

• Cedar Valley Amateur Radio Club/Collins Amateur Radio Club: Outstanding Achievement;

• National Society of Professional Engineers: Innovative Engineering; and

• US Air Force: Outstanding Achievement.

Hoffman’s project entitled “Efficacy of Mouthwashes in Reducing Oral Bacteria” also received a Class II award, Senior division.

Both Hoffman and Shrestha were sponsored by Girma Tessema.

The mission of the Eastern Iowa Science and Engineering Fair is stated on the website, “To inspire eastern Iowa’s students to pursue careers in science, engineering, and math.”

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