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Free diabetes classes at health center

By Marty Chandler, RN, Jefferson County Health Center diabetes educator | Apr 15, 2013

To make diabetes education available to everyone who desires it and needs it, the Jefferson County Health Center is now going to offer a comprehensive diabetes class for free.

The class is open to anyone diagnosed with diabetes who desires additional education or a refresher course on managing their diabetes.

At the JCHC board meeting on March 25, CEO Deb Cardin said that “while it does cost the health center to hold the educational program because it takes staff time and written information is provided to attendees, the health center sees it as an opportunity to meet the needs of the community.” In the past JCHC would bill your insurance company and the patient was responsible for the deductible, but for some patients that still made the class cost prohibitive.

The nine-hour class is taught by JCHC Diabetes Educator Marty Chandler, RN, with special sections taught by the JCHC registered dietitian and pharmacist. The class will take place over two afternoons or evenings for a total of nine hours of instruction.


Typical Class Schedule

Day One

• Diagnosis, health goals and diabetes management

• Medication discussion lead by JCHC Pharmacist

• How to correctly monitor your glucose levels

• Psychological aspects of living with a chronic illness


Day Two

• Proper nutrition taught by JCHC Registered Dietitian

• The importance of physical activity

• Short- and long-term complications and illnesses

Other class options might include selecting and eating a meal together or grocery shopping.

The class will be held at the Jefferson County Health Center. The class day and time will vary in order to accommodate a variety of schedules. To sign up for a class, please call Marty Chandler, RN at 641-469-4292


Marty Chandler, RN, is the Jefferson County Health Center diabetes educator.

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