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Geocaching coming to Fairfield

By DIANE VANCE, Ledger staff writer | Jun 12, 2014

People curious about geocaching and those already knowledgeable and wanting to learn about, plan and participate in local geocaching events can attend a meeting at 7 p.m. Monday at Roosevelt Community Recreation Center in Fairfield.

Geocaching is a treasure hunt game using GPS to find hidden containers. It’s an activity suitable for all ages from children to adults. According to geocaching.com there are 2.4 million active geocaches globally and more than 6 million people involved in finding geocaches worldwide. The website has further information about equipment and active caches in definitive geographic areas.

Using a handheld GPS, participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and attempt to find the geocache or container hidden at the location. Geocaching involves several types of hidden items, but usually includes a log to record the finder’s information. Often, nothing is taken out of the cache; the game is all in the hunt.

Monday’s meeting will feature an out-of-town geocaching club sharing its experience.

“We already have a few people in Fairfield who participate in geocaching,” said Kristy Clark, recreation center staff member. “We’re wanting to further promote our trails and parks and bring people into town and get people outdoors.

“We’re hoping to organize geocaching events from Monday’s meeting.”

The game has no costs to participate, but participants will need a handheld GPS device, which includes GPS-enabled cell phones.

An event needs volunteers to hide the cache.

“People may have a misperception that geocaching involves digging, but it doesn’t,” said Clark. “In fact, digging is against the rules. Some caches are as tiny as a pill and hidden and camouflaged. There are many creative ways to hide things. It doesn’t have to be on the ground.”

The club visiting on Monday is willing to train local volunteers how to hide caches.

Looking at the website for geocaching, many of the hunts are ongoing and not a planned day and event. Some are planned and can involve a few people up to hundreds.

“Some geocaching has a prize for the first person to find it,” said Clark.

Some have tradable items and the rule is to leave something of equal or higher value in the cache as the one taken.

For more information, attend Monday’s meeting or explore online.

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