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Get involved in Fairfield schools

By Steve Beltramea | Mar 02, 2017

To the editor:

Recently, the Fairfield Community School Board announced that it is now time to begin implementing many changes to our beloved Fairfield Community School District. Often, change by itself is hard to accept, but it appears to me that most of these changes have got a lot of people pretty cranked up.

As a parent of three children who are currently part of the FCSD, I understand that it’s easy to be emotional about these changes because it involves our children.

My wife Cora and I were both born and raised in Iowa. In 2002, we decided to move from Duluth, Minnesota, to Fairfield, Iowa, because we decided that the Fairfield community was the best community to raise our family in.

Now, fifteen years later, we have three children attending Fairfield schools and we see firsthand countless administrators, teachers, school board member and other parents that utilize their talents, one way or another, to help all of our children to grow and develop. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

From my observations, it seems that few Fairfield residents have many positive statements to say to their neighbors about our Fairfield community school system. I find this development to be worrisome and discouraging.

We ask our school children to live by “The Trojan Traits” on a daily basis. I feel that as parents and residents of the Fairfield community each of us have responsibilities to set positive examples for our children to witness and follow.

I by no means have all of the answers to all of the difficult decisions already made and those decisions yet to be made. However, I personally do not want to just sit on the sidelines and do nothing.

I am writing today to say that I am interested in organizing a grass roots effort where other interested partners can gather together to discuss current strengths of the school district and brain storm about ideas we can provide to our administrators and teachers to assist with the development of our children.

If you feel that you are interested in getting involved, to share your time, to provide positive support to the FCSD, then I ask you to contact me by email: scbeltramea@juno.com. Please contact me on or before March 10, then I will announce a time and place where we can gather together to hold the first meeting of “Friends of the Fairfield Community School District”.


– Steve Beltramea, son of Raymond Beltramea, 1954 FHS graduate


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