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Gilbert’s film only propagates drivel

By John Miller | Nov 01, 2012

To the editor:

As a registered Independent voter, I recently received a DVD: “Dreams from My Real Father” with a Communist Hammer-and-Sickle emblem next to the word “Real,” both printed in red for emphasis. I viewed about 25 minutes of it before turning it off in disgust. It pretends to use the voice of President Obama in explaining who his true father is, supposedly a Communist Party member, while his mother is portrayed in disparaging tones as well. I found it to be full of either lies or pure guesses on the part of the director, Joel Gilbert. To propagate such drivel as though it “might be true” is in my opinion slanderous, for which Mr. Gilbert ought to be arrested and charged. KUSA-TV online quotes an Atlanta-based Libertarian attorney Loren Collins, who has looked at the film and says, “The biological relationship claim is complete conspiratorial hogwash, backed up with evidence that’s shoddy even by conspiracy theory standards.” Does Mr. Gilbert reflect the views of the Republican Party in general? I hope not. Both the Romney and Obama campaigns have refused to comment on it, according to KUSA-TV. I comment on it here because I read in the Ledger recently that the DVD was being shown in Fairfield. I hope that anyone who views it will do so in light of the above viewpoints.


— John Miller, Fairfield

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