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Gridley family wants peace

By The Gridley Family | Jul 25, 2013

On December 11, 2012, there was an accident that claimed the life of my husband, Patrick Gridley, and injured my son Donald. Now, seven months later, they have charged my son as the driver.

If anyone knows Pat Gridley, they know he would never let anyone drive him home, much less Donnie. It’s a known fact in town! As far as I know, Don has never run from any charges, never struck an officer or never had a weapons charge, and now on May 9 there are three state patrol cars that came to Don’s residence to get his DNA (so if Don was guilty as charged, he had eight weeks to run before the incident on July 9.)

Don didn’t give the officers any problems that came to get his DNA but still on July 9, they felt the need to bring 14 law enforcement vehicles with guns loaded and ready to shoot. This included Jefferson County, Wapello County and State Patrol.

There was one that stood right at Don’s door with the gun pointed right at the door (this was after Don was already outside). What if my grandson had opened that door to see what was going on? (My guess is he would have been shot!) I’m so relieved he wasn’t home.

Jefferson County shouldn’t have been involved at all. It didn’t happen in this county. Their reason, I’m assuming, was for back-up, for what reason it should not have been allowed.

It was an accident (plain and simple). Father and son was together partying and it ended in a tragic accident but they (law enforcement) are eager to obtain revenge on my son for past reasons (which is plain to figure out because they continue to bring up his past).

Don does have some other alcohol related incidents but he has paid his debt for every one of them. I’ve never been a drinker and I don’t condone drinking but I have lived with or around it most of my life and therefore, I don’t agree with the beer garden that’s being set up for this big RAGBRAI or the beer tent that they had at the rodeo that was held at the fairgrounds recently.

Let’s just hope nobody gets hurt or worse yet, killed.

I just want people to leave my family alone and quit judging my son when you don’t know the whole story and you’re still innocent until proven guilty!


– The Gridley Family

Linda, Robert, Stephanie, Kimberly, Sherry and Shawna

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