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Gubernatorial candidate visits Fairfield Friday

By Nicole Major, Ledger staff writer | Apr 24, 2017
Photo by: Nicole Major/Ledger Photo Gubernatorial candidate Andy McGuire, left, visits Fairfield High School Friday. Also pictured are, from left, FHS Principal Brian Stone, Fairfield schools superintendent Laurie Noll and teacher Diane Goudy.

A group of Fairfield residents got a firsthand gander at Democratic candidate Andy McGuire who is running for governor in the 2018 Iowa Gubernatorial Election Nov. 6.

McGuire, made Fairfield the first stop on her campaign trail, she made rounds Friday afternoon touring Aeron Lifestyle Technology, the Jefferson County Health Center, Fairfield High School and she later fielded questions at a ladies luncheon at Revelation’s Café.

“[We] invited Dr. McGuire here for a visit with some of Fairfield’s leaders and leading institutions, as she launches her campaign for governor,” said Fairfield resident Paul Gandy. “We hope she returns as there is much more to see and great people to meet. Our citizens should take advantage of opportunities to get to know the candidates before they make important choices in our 2017 and 2018 elections.”

Gandy, along with Fairfield resident Kathy Snow and other Jefferson County residents organized McGuire’s visit. Monica Hadley, Chief Financial Officer of Aeron Lifestyle Technology and president of Fairfield Accounting Services, underwrote the ladies luncheon.

“It’s very powerful,” McGuire said of a video she viewed at the high school of a recent crash simulation that FHS drama students in tandem with local law enforcement agencies, emergency responders and the Fairfield Fire Department conducted to show students the effects of drunk driving.

Additionally, McGuire met with Fairfield Community School superintendent Laurie Noll, FHS principal Brian Stone, several teachers and FHS senior Anuja Pharasi who was recently accepted to Columbia University in New York.

During her visit, McGuire listened to the challenges and achievements that the school district, health center and local government faced, and she addressed questions from local leaders and concerned citizens during the luncheon. McGuire, a physician who practiced nuclear medicine, holds a Master’s in Business Administration and was elected chair of the Iowa Democratic Party serving from 2014-2016 hopes to make a difference in education, health care, mental health and building Iowa’s economy.

During the luncheon, McGuire asked the crowd if any of them had a teacher who had made a difference in their lives.

As most of the hands raised in the air, McGuire explained the importance of education and the importance of teachers using her own life as an example.

She said it was because of a teacher who told her that she was smart that she became a physician.

“I had never seen a woman doctor… it’s because of that teacher that I became I doctor,” she said. “We need to ask teachers what they need in the schools — we have to give them the resources.”

McGuire said prior to privatizing Medicaid that the 500,000 to 600,000 participants in the program should have been consulted.

“We didn’t talk to any of those people before we did it,” she said. “Talk to the people about what we need to do.”

“She’s very creative about the way she approaches things,” Snow said.

A campaign flyer indicated she’s running for Governor because she understands the struggles Iowans face, and she wants to “listen to those who are truly investing in our state — working families.”

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