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Gym proposal lacking plans

By Mary Ann Cook | Nov 01, 2012

To the editor:

A week from today, on Nov. 6, our citizens will be voting on Measure A, on the back of the voting form, to decide if $3 million will be approved for a new gym and pool. I must ask everyone to vote no, at this time, so we can address this funding at a later time.

I ask that voters vote no because we need far more information to make an informed and valid determination for the funding.

Imagine if you walked into a local bank, with a newspaper article and an idea, asked the banker to “pony up” the first $3 million for a mega-project you are dreaming about, and then confessed that you really didn’t have a solid way to raise an additional $9 million to finish your project. However, you really believed in the project so you wanted the banker to just take your word and “front” your idea with $3.

Of course, we all realize this idea is ludicrous, but in actuality, this is exactly the funding idea our mayor is presenting to you for the Nov. 6 vote.

As a lifelong resident of Fairfield, I ask that you all vote no on Measure A, on Tuesday, Nov. 6. Please make sure you are registered to vote ahead of time.

Let us postpone this funding proposal until we have a definite plan presented for funding the entire project for a new pool and recreation center. Let us act as our own “bankers” and demand a full business plan before we approve any loan money. This is the only rational way to approach this funding.

Please make sure you look at the back of the voting form, and vote no on Measure A on Nov. 6. This will allow us time to work with the mayor and city council in a prudent manner to decide on any funding for future city projects.


— Mary Ann Cook, Fairfield

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