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Hamilton runs for county supervisor

Has served on Fairfield City Council for 16 years
By Jon Gilrain, Ledger Correspondent | Feb 15, 2018
Daryn Hamilton

Fairfield City Council member Daryn Hamilton recently announced his intention to run for Jefferson County Supervisor as a Democrat.

It’s not yet clear whether he will be contested in a June 5 primary as there are currently no other announcements. The general election will be held on Nov. 6 of this year.

Hamilton has been a resident of Fairfield since 1988. He has worked as a technician for the Jefferson County Engineer’s office, and has worked for the Iowa Department of Transportation since 1993 where he currently serves as a senior engineering technician.

The 16-year council member began his service with an appointment by Mayor Ed Malloy to a 5th Ward vacancy in July of 2002. He has since served four full electoral terms, including 10 years as chairman of the Utility Committee.

Hamilton believes his long service on the city council would serve him well in the role of a county supervisor.

“I’ve learned a lot about the process of budgeting with the city of Fairfield and how that process works on the county level,” he said. “While I believe the supervisors have done a very good job, there could be a new set of eyes that helps find other efficiencies that we can use in order to keep our property evaluations and taxes close to where they are.”

When asked what his most significant success on the council was, Hamilton didn’t hesitate to think of an answer: sanitary sewer improvements and water treatment improvements in the community.

“With the help of engineers, city staff, council support, and the mayor’s support, we were able to get into a position where we reduced the sanitary sewer overflows,” he said.

According to the candidate, sanitary sewer overflows have been a significant problem for the city going back to the mid-1980s and adversely affected water quality in local waterways.

In the early 2000s, Fairfield found itself facing fines under a state administrative order stemming from these problems, and the city began planning for improvements and expansion of the local sewer and drainage system.

The council member was also involved in the resulting infrastructure project, including construction of a new plant, plus a new retention basin for storm water overflow and connecting sewer lines.

Wanting to build on the city’s success, Hamilton added, “As a Jefferson County supervisor, I would like to tap into available state funds to help local area farmers do work on their drainage ways and help improve on existing efforts.”

On the topic of zoning in the county, Hamilton recalls that issue coming up in the previous decade.

“I think there was a lot of misinformation that was put out at that time,” he said. “I think people are open now to better understanding what zoning actually means. It’s not telling a person what color they can or cannot paint their barn or what exactly they can or cannot do with their property. It puts a set of guidelines out there that works not only for that one individual, but for all individuals that are around them. Zoning would be an issue that I would be able to look at and work on if there is a change of heart.”

Summing up his thoughts on becoming a supervisor, Hamilton said, “I just feel that it’s time for a change and that’s why I’m running as the Democratic candidate for county supervisor. I think I would make a strong environmental candidate, and I also have a lot of experience through my work.”

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