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Neighbors Growing Together | Aug 17, 2018

Hawthorne’s employees give back, get back

Jul 30, 2018
Courtesy of: Paulina Sinaga Hawthorne team members from left are, front: Lorrianna Winegarden, Whitney Cox, Cammi Weaver, Irina Demeneva; middle. Cindy Ellenberger, Daylyn Krochak, Terri Farrell, Sherri Mineart, Brandy Septer, Madison Swailes, Sheryl Bergren, Sheila Peck, Missy Harward; back, Charles Brader, Steve Jergensen, Jordan Appel, Jermey Houg, Matt Kennerson, Sharif Khan, Amanda Woodin, Robert Gottshall, Novena Cole. Not pictured are Steve Kelley, Karla Crawford Kerr, Paulina Sinaga, Mandy Wagler, Emily Adam.

The employees at Hawthorne in Fairfield dedicated the entire afternoon of July 13 to Giving Back, Getting Back.

In previous years, Hawthorne has selected a single charity to support, and based on historical success, this year, the team decided to support the community with four charity projects. Volunteers chose to engage in park beautification at Chautauqua Park, park shelter painting at Heritage Park, entertaining residents at SunnyBrook Living Care Center or grounds maintenance, playing with animals/cleaning of facilities at Noah’s Ark Animation Foundation.

The Hawthorne Los Angeles office hosted its Give Back, Get Back on July 20 with TreePeople with a focus on planting trees and uniting communities.

Director of Accounting Novena Cole, who organized the SunnyBrook Living Care Center visit, said, “What an amazing experience working with our Hawthorne team members outside of the office and engaging with the residents! We played bingo and passed out goody bags to each resident. There were many embraces and hands held. We all bonded together and came away feeling so fulfilled.”

CEO Jessica Hawthorne-Castro said employees were given a paid afternoon to volunteer, continue to work or take the time as vacation.

“I am very pleased that the Fairfield team members chose to participate in the day,” said Hawthorne-Castro. “Volunteering and giving back is important to me personally and professionally. It has always been part of the core values at Hawthorne.”

The parks beautification at Chautauqua Park was headed up by Senior Accountant Jordan Appel. Park shelter painting at Heritage Park was managed by Technology Support Manager Charles Brader. Account Supervisor Sheryl Bergren coordinated the Noah’s Ark volunteering. Chief Financial Officer Steve Jurgensen traveled between sites with local artist/photographer and Hawthorne’s Marketing/New Business Development Coordinator Paulina E. Sinaga, providing support, and photographing at all volunteer sites.

Following the afternoon of volunteering, Hawthorne-Castro provided a reception at Arandas Mexican Restaurant. Sinaga shared projections of still photos on a large screen, featuring the Hawthorne volunteers at the four volunteer sites. Sinaga also designed T-shirts worn during the day by employees, that featured elements of each volunteer location. The T-shirt graphics included a paint roller, tree, heart, dog and Hawthorne’s logo.

Cole said, “I’m a leader with our Hawthorne’s Corporate Social Involvement group and also our Celebrations Committee. We took what was previously our Employee Appreciation Day and created — Give Back, Get Back. We all got back way more than we gave and I’m feeling inspired to do more.”

Hawthorne has a long history of giving back to the community. Give Back, Get Back evolved from Hawthorne’s prior annual Employee Appreciation Day and inspiration from Hawthorne’s Corporate Social Responsibility program in conjunction with Hawthorne Community Causes Committee which makes monthly contributions to the Fairfield community as one of its initiatives. The committee was inspired by founder Tim Hawthorne’s dedication to the local community over the past few decades and is made possible by the continued generosity of Hawthorne-Castro. The HCCC is responsible for the usage of the agency’s monthly allocated community charitable contributions and selections. Those interested in having their community- related needs considered for contributions may email Hawthorne at dbanks@hawthornedirect.com.

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