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Health center reports good fiscal year

By VICKI TILLIS | Jul 24, 2013

Jefferson County Health Center closed its fiscal year June 30 with a net income of $3.4 million.

“It was a good year; better than last year, and last year was a good year,” chief financial officer Gene Irwin reported to the Jefferson County Health Center Board of Trustees Monday evening.

The last fiscal year ended with a net income of $2.3 million, and this year’s net income is 54.4 percent above that figure.

Irwin reported the health center “had another good month” in June.

He pointed out patient days were down: 227 compared to a budgeted 376, “but still good even though they’ve slowed down.”

“It was the outpatient business that carried us this month,” he continued.

The health center had 4,057 outpatient visits in June. The number of surgeries, 66, was 40 percent more than budgeted. The 193 CT procedures were 40 percent more than budgeted. The 23,907 lab procedures were 19.5 percent more than planned, and the 29 sleep lab procedures were 61 percent more than expected.

Jefferson County Health Center’s gross account receivable increased by $145,295 to $4,747,939 as of June 30.

A total of 3,896 claims were filed in June, with a gross value of $3.4 million. Medicare collections for the month totaled $831,770. Medicaid collections were $148,394. Total patient collections for the month, including Medicare, Medicaid and physician clinic was $1.9 million.

Irwin pointed out the total patient collections were down a bit from the prior month, but May, with claims filed with a gross value of $3.9 million, had been the highest experienced in the fiscal year.

In other finance/HR committee report action, the trustees voted to amend the health center’s investment policy.

Board chairwoman Renee Rebling and Irwin said the change makes the policy more precise on what can be done — how much money can be invested and what it can be invested in.

“We tried to be pretty conservative,” said Rebling.

“But it is more flexible than the original policy,” continued Irwin.

The policy states the health center must keep $100,000 to cover its operating costs, but the rest can be invested.

The policy change had been reviewed and approved by the health center’s attorneys.

The investment policy is to be reviewed yearly.

The trustees also approved the Jefferson County Health Center Board of Trustees bylaws.

No changes were made, but the bylaws must be approved every year, said CEO and health center administrator Deb Cardin.


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