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Health center sets record for billing

By VICKI TILLIS | May 22, 2013

Jefferson County Health Center set a record for itself by billing the most it has ever billed in a month in April.

The health center’s gross account receivable increased by $108,942 to $5,025,425 as of April 30, chief financial officer Gene Irwin reported to the board of trustees Monday.

In addition, there is a physician clinic account receivable of $91,146 for a total gross account receivable of $5,116,571.

Irwin reported a total of 4,058 claims were filed in April, with a gross value of $3,812,547. Medicare collections for the month totaled $918,933. Medicaid collections for the month were $172,159. Total patient collections for the month of April, including Medicare, Medicaid and physician clinic was $1,982,380.

“The month [April] was again a very good month,” said Irwin.

He pointed out almost everything from the number of in-patients and patient days, to the number of outpatient visits and most procedures, was higher in April than predicted in the budget.

The health center’s net income was $305,749 for April, which was 863 percent higher than what had been budgeted. The net income for the year was $2,895,530, which was almost 45 percent above where it was at this time last year.

Joneane Parker, vice president of clinical services, gave a community update to the trustees. So far this year, 99 community outreach events have been held, with 742 people screened for blood sugar.

“About 10 percent of the people at every screening show signs of diabetes,” she said.

One of the 17 events the health center participated in during April was the kids’ carnival raising money for the new community pool and gym projects. Parker said a group of employees made 45 dozen cupcakes to give away to children who visited their booth.

“That’s just another example of the wonderful staff we have here reaching out into the community,” she said.

In her report, health center administrator and CEO Deb Cardin said she, several staff members and Ron Blair, who was instrumental in the creation of the trail system in Jefferson County, have been discussing the placement of a trail on the campus’s 34 acres.

The goal is to place a 5- to 6-feet wide gravel trail where it won’t hinder further development of the campus, yet will maximize the length of the trail.

Current plans are for the health center’s trail to connect to the Loop Trail on the south side of the property and follow it west to the fence line, then turn north and go along the east side of the “Hammes house” and turn east.

Blair suggested the trail running east be placed in the 9-foot easement along Libertyville Road.

According to Cardin, Blair said it should not be a problem obtaining city approval because other trails have been placed in easements.

The trail along Libertyville Road would go past the Doug Johnson Dialysis Center, which sits in the northeast corner of the campus, and hook into the present trail.

“It’s a great idea to use the easement,” said board president Renee Rebling.

Cardin said bids are being collected for the work.

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Posted by: Laura Miller | May 23, 2013 11:24

If the JCHC is doing so well, why do room rates continue to rise?

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