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Heartland Co-op should relocate farther away

By C.E. Moore | Apr 17, 2014

To The editor:

I would like to thank the Jefferson County Board of Supervisors, Mayor Ed Malloy and our city council Members for their patience and graciousness, in hearing the major concerns raised by the proposed Heartland Co-op industrial complex, on the east edge of Fairfield. To be sure, there are some who wish the issue would just be dropped, or that opponents of the project would quietly accept defeat.

The use of public monies to provide such a large conglomerate with a kind of “corporate welfare” is of great concern. It is entirely inappropriate for Tax Incentive Financing (TIF), and/or a bond, to be used as an enticement for Heartland Co-op - when the citizens of Fairfield and Jefferson County will continually suffer from significant increases in truck traffic coming from surrounding counties. And, we’d be forever paying for the increased wear and tear on our already-stressed Jefferson County and city roads and infrastructure.

What has become quite a debacle could have been avoided if there had been a bit more forethought and consideration to the obvious objections that immediate neighbors, and many other city and county residents, would logically raise. It could have more easily become a win-win for all concerned – not the least of which for area farmers, who stand to benefit from reduced transportation costs.

I strongly support the Heartland Co-op project to be re-located to a more appropriate location – at least 5 to 10 miles away from the city of Fairfield, but close enough to benefit our local farmers. For that to occur, however, the current agreements which have been discussed will have to be modified to consider the needs and rights of the whole community – not just those who stand to profit.



– C.E. Moore, Fairfield


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