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Henry County safety committee hopes to win special award

By MEGAN COOPER | Apr 21, 2014

MT. PLEASANT (GTNS) – The safety committee in Henry County is working on ways to make the county safer in order to obtain the Best Practices Award.

According to IT/Tech Coordinator (and safety committee member) Derek Wellington, oil storage in the secondary road department’s maintenance shed has gotten the county dinged on safety standards in the past.

“The oil storage is one of the reasons we haven’t gotten the Best Practices Award. We are trying to do what we can so we can receive the award,” said Wellington during the Henry County Board of Supervisors meeting Thursday. “The maintenance shop isn’t a true containment facility and it creates a safety issue because of the oil that is on the floor was caused by some of the leaking containers.”

Wellington proposed a solution to the board, an oil containment system, during the meeting, which would cost the county about $8,000. The board approved the system.

“Jake [Henry County Engineer] requested that we [the safety committee] authorize the purchase of a new oil containment system,” explained Wellington. “It would improve the storage and use of the oil in the maintenance shop.”

The containment system would need the following materials and would be purchased from FS-Agriland:

• 9 – 70 gallon totes at $275 a tote, which would cost $2,475.

• Two – 120 gallon totes at $317 a tote, which would cost $634.

• Four – 36-inch metal stands plus drip tray at $288.75 a stand, which would cost $1,155.

• 11 – brass valves at $77 each, which would cost $847.

• One – miscellaneous fittings, which would cost $200.

• Two – containment stands, (constructed by Steffensmeier Welding) estimated cost would be $1,000.

• One – transfer oil pump and hose, which would cost $750.

• The total cost of the oil containment system would be $7,061.

Additional items requested for the system are storage pallets for the warehouse, which would consist of an eight-drum pallet and a four drum-pallet. They will still store full 55-gallon drums of oil kept for the road department’s inventory. The cost is as follows:

• Eight drum pallet – $580.

• Four drum pallet – $299.

• Total of $879.

“I like the idea,” said board Chairman Marc Lindeen. “With the system, the guys won’t have to lift the drums anymore, they won’t have sore backs anymore.”

According to Henry County Auditor Shelly Barber the money for the oil containment system can come from the community betterment fund, which is local option sales tax money, because the secondary road department serves the rural areas.

In other board news, Lindeen discussed with the board upcoming trainings that local emergency personnel will be undertaking soon.

“At my emergency management meeting we were told two trainings are coming up. One consists of a car wreck, and Dave’s Towing will be helping with that one,” Lindeen said.

A car will actually be trapped under a semi and they will also use battery powered cars to train the personnel,” said Lindeen. “Another training will be of a train derailment and a gentleman from Chicago will be coming down to do the training. It’s exciting and these are new trainings we haven’t seen before.”


The Henry County Board of Supervisors will meet again in regular session on Tuesday, April 22, at 9 a.m. in the board room at the courthouse.

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