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Herbicide killing off monarch butterfly

By Will M. Davis | Mar 14, 2013

To the editor:

A blueprint is used to construct a baseball camp with pitching machines. DNA is a spiral helix (twisting) blueprint. DNA blueprints construct proteins and every part of our body. DNA creates all creatures and plants.

The DNA study of cancer identifies 236 mutated human genes, which lead to cancer.

MALDI imaging mass spectrometry was used to classify patients with melanoma cancer remissions and those without remissions (Hardesty 2012). Mass spectrometry identifies the structures of molecules (like toxic proteins or herbicides) which create disease.

Rats eating glyphosate tolerant NK 603 corn, with glyphosate, grew large cancer tumors and developed liver and kidney illnesses (Food and Chemical Toxicology 2012).

Rats eating NK 603, MON 810 (with bacterial toxic protein insecticide Bt-Cry1Ab), and MON 863 corns, developed signs of kidney and liver disease (Int J Bio Sci 2009).

Amphibian and chicken embryos, exposed to trace amounts of glyphosate (less than used in aerial spraying), developed “cranial-facial” defects which match the birth defects of Argentina children, whose mothers breathed aerial sprayed Roundup (Chem Research in Toxicology 2010). Argentina courts mandate non-glyphosate perimeter zones around towns to prevent further human birth defects.

Glyphosate is found in pregnant women and the resilient Bt-Cry1Ab in their fetuses (Reproductive Toxicology 2011). This was not anticipated. Glyphosate damages human umbilical, embryonic, placental cells, and disrupts human hormones (Chemical Research in Toxicology 2009; Toxicology 2009).

MALDI imaging mass spectrometry, discovered Roundup adjuvants (chemicals transporting glyphosate through cell walls), like POE-15, are more toxic than glyphosate to human cells (Toxicology 2012).

If the USDA requires non-herbicide fallow fields to be created around all Midwest towns and country homes, milkweed can be replanted, for the return of the monarch. Farmers would be financially compensated.

Roundup has unintentionally killed off 90 percent of Midwest milkweed, and 80 percent of the Midwest monarch butterfly population (Brower, Insect Conservation and Diversity 2012; Oberhauser, Insect Conservation and Diversity 2012). The monarch caterpillar can only grow its cocoon on milkweed.

Using genetic Markov (4x4) probability matrices, we can substitute the four DNA codons of Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, and Thymine for four baseball teams: Yankees, Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, and Cardinals. In a seasonal (4x4) playoff, one team becomes victorious. Switching Babe Ruth from the Red Sox to the Yankees, gave the Yankees strength and victory. But the Red Sox became weak and “extinct” by the curse of the Bambino. Like this, switching the codon ratios, of A, C, G, T in glyphosate tolerant corn, is inadvertently killing off the monarch butterfly.

The monarch butterfly can lay eggs which hatch to become caterpillars on replanted milkweed. During chrysalis the caterpillar miraculously transforms to a monarch butterfly in the cocoon.

Non-herbicide perimeters, will also protect the real Midwest monarch, the student, from the herbicide health problems. 2,4-D can cause type I Parkinson’s disease, to become type II Parkinson’s with dementia (PDD).

John Deere can build herbicide proof cabs to protect farmers from glyphosate.

We can build a baseball camp for champions, in a non-herbicide “fair field” perimeter zone.


— Will M. Davis, Fairfield

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