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Hesler elected mayor of Keosauqua

By DIANE VANCE | Nov 06, 2013

KEOSAUQUA — Van Buren County had slightly less than 19 percent voter turnout Tuesday, and six out of the seven towns, Farmington was the exception, were voting for mayors.

The unofficial results reported by Jon Finney, Van Buren County auditor, are reported below.

In Keosauqua, Nasseem Hesler was elected mayor with 142 votes. Mayoral candidate Kevin Hranika had 35 votes.

Keosauqua city council had two four-year term seats up for election and voters re-elected incumbents Katie Nichols with 152 votes, and Larry Shipley with 146.

One council seat was vacated with two years remaining; write-in candidate Chris Starke received 33 votes for this vacancy.

In Birmingham, Willis Bruegge was elected mayor with 37 votes.

Two Birmingham city council seats will be filled by incumbent Melvin Ash, receiving 38 votes and Tina Walton, receiving 30 votes.

Bonaparte had two write-in candidates for mayor. Dana Mabe, a former city council member, received 22 votes and Daryl Maroney had 19 votes.

Three Bonaparte city council seats were on the ballot with three candidates elected. Incumbent Sherry Christy received 48 votes; Holly Richardson had 43 votes and Dustin Troutman had 45 votes.

Randy J. Wiley was the lone candidate for mayor in Cantril and was elected with 24 votes.

Cantril had three council seats up for election and three incumbents were re-elected — Justin Chaplin received 30 votes; Roger Kirkhart had 27 votes; and Dave Hamburg received 25 votes.

Farmington’s three city council seats will be filled by one incumbent, William Cline, who had 31 votes; Dillon Smith with 33 votes; and Robert Radosevich with 30 votes.

Milton residents elected Charles Boyd mayor with 42 votes.

Milton city council will have two new members, with Christine Fields receiving 55 votes and Jeremy Thomas with 44 votes. Shannon Sample had 21 votes.

In Stockport, incumbent Frank Nelson was elected mayor with 17 votes.

Three city council seats will have two incumbents, Jerry Leathers was re-elected with 17 votes and Ray Snyder was re-elected with 10 votes. Crystal Owens will join Stockport city council, having received 17 votes.


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