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Hesler wins Keosauqua mayor’s race

By Andy Hallman, Ledger news editor | Nov 09, 2017

Residents in the incorporated areas of Van Buren County went to the polls Tuesday to elect mayors and city councilors.

Twenty-five percent of registered voters in those areas voted, 549 of 2,210.



Nasseem Hesler won Keosauqua’s mayoral election with 163 votes over challenger Jeremy Muntz with 124.

Voters were asked to select two councilors from a ballot that included four names. The race was very close, and was decided by a mere 13 votes. Carol Harlan won a seat with 169 votes, while Larry E. Shipley won the other with 142, just edging out Steven R. DeHart with 129 and Melissa Mahon with 124.

Keosauqua had the highest turnout of any town in the county with 38 percent of its 686 registered voters participating.



Willis Bruegge won the uncontested mayor’s race with 35 votes. The two spots up for council were also uncontested. Brandon Warner received 43 votes and Melvin Ash received 19.



Kirk Meek won the uncontested mayor’s race with 44 tallies. Bonaparte’s council races were contested, however. Voters chose three councilors from a list of five. The three winners were Cory Fett (50), Linda McCarty (38) and Erin Meierotto (37). Sherry J. Christy received 31 votes and Dustin Troutman received 14.



Randy J. Wiley was elected mayor with 19 votes. Though Cantril voters had to pick three people for city council, only one name appeared on the ballot, that of Justin Chaplin. Chaplin won a seat with 17 votes. The two others who won seats were write-in candidates Dave Hamburg with seven and Justina Courtright with three.



Voters had to choose three councilors, and that’s how many names were on the ballot. The three winners were William Cline (31), Robert C. Radosevich (27) and Dillon F. Smith (27).



Michael Fields was elected mayor with 27 votes. Two council seats were available, and they will be filled by Christine Fields with 27 votes and Fawn McCann with 26. Voters also went to the polls to fill a vacancy on the council, which was captured by Joshua Sullivan with 26 votes.



Jerry Leathers won an uncontested mayor’s race with 36 votes. Four candidates competed for three open slots on the council.

The three who emerged victorious from the scrum were Madge M. Clark (39), Ray Snyder (29) and Annie Buzzard (24), who defeated Douglas E. Blackwolf by four votes.


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