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Hold officials accountable for their words

By James Lee Elliott | Jul 18, 2013

More than ever before we need to hold our elected officials accountable for their words, actions and inactions. Words can inspire, but they can also enslave us, especially when our lawmakers do not say what they mean. When leaders have no vision, but merely tell their listeners what they wish to hear, when they avoid communicating responsibility with transparency, and when they fail to demonstrate servant leadership, corruption cannot be far behind.

Whenever the climate of our nation becomes chaotic and bewildering, you can be certain this nation has drifted from its founding principles and the Constitution of the United States of America. Many of our government leaders have spun their policies and twisted the truth so radically that the electorate often no longer understands why things have deteriorated, and what we should do to correct our course. One of the obvious symptoms of our nation’s distress is the widespread confusion that characterizes the politically correct crowd, the special interest groups, many of our pulpits, much of our national news media, our college and university professors, and Hollywood entertainment with a set free theology – a theology that rejects traditional interpretation in which now the experience of a given community determines the understanding and interpretation of ideals and values.

This new reality thrives on controversy, perpetuating class and racial warfare and rallying against anyone and anything necessary to push their agenda through. They appeal to people’s emotions rather than their ethical principles. They find the most sympathetic case possible and demonstrate to the community how cruel and heartless it would be to withhold what they call rights or services to them. You can see it in the way they draft their legislation with bills/laws that require hundreds of pages for implementation. Are they concealing the control they are taking from we the people by creating confusion and chaos? It is easy for tyranny to take hold by convincing the populace of its need for more government, than to infringe upon it forcefully.

Our nation’s Founding Fathers understood that power was not to be established into the hands of a king or into one branch of government. They realized that a system of checks and balances was necessary in order to guarantee that no one group of people could dictate the future of this nation.

We must stand up for freedom or lose it! We still have a privilege and the responsibility to bring clarity to public discourse and to be at liberty to voice the truth about the values and ideals that was included in this nation’s Bill of Rights. We are to encourage morality and examples of such in our society by protecting the innocence of others – especially the children, grandchildren and all posterity. We must make the choice to pursue what is good, life producing, and have empathy for those who struggle. We cannot change their pasts but we can show them the possibilities of love, importance and significance in one nation under God.

Socialism is based on government control, not the concern for welfare of the public. Do not be confused by what this system promises and what it actually is.


– James Lee Elliott, Fairfield


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