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Home Town

By Don Picken | May 22, 2014

Remembering the old home town one tends to get poetic

But when I try to write it down my rhymes get quite pathetic

Where to start and what to say is not an easy choice

So I’ll stroll downtown on an average day and try to find my voice.


In Central Park the old bandstand. On Tuesday nights, a thrill.

The National Guard player. Leader: Dillon Lowell or Ronald Prill.

We’d walk the square with popcorn, soda pop or lemonade

But must be back at Firestone when the National anthem played.


I remember Rundquist’s music store on the south side of the square.

Forty-fives and long-play discs were sold and traded there.

Carl Rundquist painted signs in back with a sure and steady hand

And told about the years he spent with John Phillip Sousa’s band.


Another “Carl” named Zillman was about a block away

At the open door of his hardware store he passed the time of day.

A friendly smile and easy credit for even guys like me,

And if you didn’t have a truck…FREE DELIVERY!


Hungry? Wanta feed your face? Then George’s Pizza was the place.

Unfortunate for me, he offered beer so my folks wouldn’t let me go near.

(later on when I was older and perhaps a little bolder I went to Walton Club)

Say “hi” to Pete and Violet Pierce and “I’ll have a Millers, bub!”


HyVee and Mayn’s for groceries, and the Elks and Eagles Fraternities.

Kirchner’s Hometown Bakery, and of course KMCD.

Gaumers, Martin’s, Johnson and Peasley and those are just a little measley

Sample of the stores we knew. We had lots of others too.


Picken’s for Tires and Weston Behner, Pearson Plumbing and O’Grady Cleaner.

Gobbles and Brown, Lynch & Scott, Farmer’s Tavern and the ol’ Why not.

Don’t forget about Woody’s Diner. For coffee break there was nowhere finer.

Bradshaw’s, Wulff’s and Seiferts Store, Warner & Bristow and Brown’s next door.


I guess we’ve traveled around the square and hit but just a few stores there.

Hundreds of memories still abound whenever I think of my home town.

I’ll have to accept it as a fact that likely I’ll never travel back.

But Fairfield’s always in my mind. A better town I’ll never find!

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