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‘How to best use wills, trusts’ set March 17

Mar 08, 2018

Iowa attorney David E. Sykes will offer a free legal seminar, “How to Best Utilize Wills and Trusts” at noon March 17 at Revelations Cafe.

In the one-hour presentation, Sykes will present information on how to legally protect your family and assets and avoid probate court.

One of life’s many responsibilities is to plan for your estate to easily pass on to your loved ones when the time inevitably comes. Most people think that preparing a validly executed will ensures that your estate smoothly passes onto your heirs, but having a will alone is not enough. If not accompanied with a properly executed trust, your estate by law must proceed through the archaic, expensive, stressful and time-consuming probate court proceeding.

Sykes, whose does a significant amount of legal estate planning for Iowa residents, says it’s a common misunderstanding that a validly executed will allows your estate to easily transfer to your beneficiaries.

With effective planning, a will, along with a validly executed trust, can completely bypass probate court and all its pitfalls. The legal cost of proper legal estate planning and documentation is typically much less expensive than probate costs.

Sykes will discuss the various components of holistic legal estate planning, which typically includes a will, revocable trust (which becomes irrevocable upon one’s passing), living will, and medical power of attorney along with the facts you need to know in order to make informed decisions.

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