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Hypnosis with twist show at convention center Thursday

Jun 19, 2018

The fast and funny, dead-on impressions, off-the-cuff comedy and mind-bending hypnotism of “Doug T Hypnosis With A Twist” is coming at 7:30 p.m. Thursday to the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center.

“Doug T Hypnosis With A Twist” is a uniquely fun, fascinating and gut-bursting hilarious all-ages show. This raucously fun evening doesn’t come at the cost of comprised dignity. As Doug T says often, he maintains a mantra of respect toward every audience volunteer who sets foot on his food.

Doug Thompson, or Doug T as he’s known throughout the country’s comedy circuit, has a comedy background that has put him in front of crowds and next to iconic comedians including Pauly Shore. He not only is one of the hottest hypnotists in the country, he also is well accomplished in the world of comedy. For the past two years, he has toured with the Impractical Jokers from truTV. He was a top five finalist on the “Bob & Tom’s” impression show as well as he was one of 101 comics chosen to perform in The World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas. ESPN hired Doug T as a bowl game performer last year.

“Is hypnosis real,” is a question that Doug T loves to answer. Hypnosis is an altered brain wave state in which we go through each time we wake up and fall asleep.

“There are many myths to hypnosis which can make it seem quite scary to people,” he said. “Scary myths scare us all. Remember the Boogie Man. Hypnotic state varies with each individual and depending on how deep they let themselves go. How deep they let themselves go is a major factor in hypnosis. The biggest thing in a hypnosis show is trusting the hypnotist. I always respect each and every volunteer and never will let them spew out personal information or go past a certain point on stage. I do this for a living and plan on hypnotizing the same people each and every time I return to perform. Many of my volunteers return to my shows to get re-hypnotized because they had so much fun at the last show. If you come to one of my shows, be aware that you will become the star of the show if you want to!

“I look forward to expanding the world of hypnosis with each of you,” he added.

Tickets for “Doug T’s Hypnosis with a Twist” show are $20 and available at the ticket office and online at www.fairfieldACC.com.

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