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ICAC scam impacts Iowa

Jun 21, 2017

DES MOINES – It has come to the attention of the Iowa Department of Public Safety that an online extortion scam has been taking place where individuals pose as law enforcement officers who supervise Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces.

Reports have been filed in the metro area, as well as other states and appears to follow the same pattern:

Male victim is contacted via an online dating app/website by an alleged female. Within a few days, at the recommendation of the female, they shift from the app site to texting.

The texting transitions from banter to more intimate messages and results in the exchange of nude photos and discussions of meeting in the near future.

After the male receives the nude photo from the female, the male is then called form a person claiming to be the supervisor of the Iowa ICAC task force. The imposter advises the female is underage and there is now child pornography on the male’s phone and the female’s father’s phone because she was using it to communicate with the male (victim).

The fake ICAC supervisor then advises the male he will need to replace the father’s phone or face legal action. Later that day, the male receives a phone call from the imposter father who advises them to send money (usually several hundred dollars) via wire transfer to replace the phone.

Investigation has revealed that the perpetrators have used phones with out of state area codes. The fake law enforcement officer has even had a professional voicemail that has identified the person as the ICAC supervisor with the Iowa DCI.

Anyone that believes they have been victim to this or becomes victim of this is urged to call their local law enforcement agency and make a report.

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