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Neighbors Growing Together | Oct 22, 2017

If we unite, we will overcome hatred

By Rod Smith | Apr 06, 2017

To the editor:

I have seen bigotry, hate and bullying in America far too long. I believe we can stop this in America. For instance, a little kindness goes a long way to someone no matter who they are.

If you treat a person in the work place at school, home, in law enforcement, or your neighbors, with respect and how you want to be treated, hatred would not exist. I think some have forgotten “United We Stand/Divided We Fall.”

I truly believe that if all Americans stand up and unite, we shall overcome! The city of Fairfield is fortunate to have a great leader at the helm. You lead by example. Fairfield is one of the top 10 great cities in the state.

I believe someday, if all citizens of Fairfield unite together, leading by example in everyday life, we will be a beacon of light for this country to move forward for all Americans. Remember, a little kindness makes a whole world’s difference!


– Rod Smith, Fairfield, former police chief and deputy sheriff


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