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Indian Hills Community College

Mar 12, 2013



OTTUMWA — Indian Hills Community College has released the names of the students who completed their graduation requirements at the end of the 2012-13 winter term.

This is a list of students who received an Associate of Arts (AA) degree, Associate of Science (AS) degree, Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree, Diploma, or Certificate at the end of the winter term.

AGENCY: Amber M. Kelsey (AA)

BATAVIA: William Cubbage (AAS), Trevor E. Glandon (AAS), Jennifer McKeever (Certificate)

BIRMINGHAM: Sandra Johnson (Diploma)

BONAPARTE: Gerald W. Becker (AAS), Wendy A. Becker (AAS)

BRIGHTON: Ashley I. Robinson (AA)

ELDON: Cynthia D. Reiner (AA), Whitney Robinson (AA)

FAIRFIELD: Brittany L. Craff (AA), Brittany R. Crawford (AA and AS), Heather M. Houston (Diploma), Edward Y. Neff (AA), Nadeana Shondel (AA), Emily A. Slechta (AA), Rachel L. Swanson (AA)

FARMINGTON: Eathen K. Martin (AAS), Jasmin J. Wallingford (AA)

FLORIS: Lori L. Huston (AA)

LIBERTYVILLE: Dawna L. Dalbey (AAS), Michael Lee Wasson (AAS)

LOCKRIDGE: Tammy L. Bencze (AAS)

MILTON: Holly A. Sedore (Diploma)

OLLIE: Nicholas Andeway (AA).


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