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Iowa DNR, a poem

By Barney Potratz | May 02, 2013

To the editor:

They’re charged with protecting our water and air

And keeping the land from becoming too bare

Wannta fend off 10,000 hogs from Batavia?

The Iowa DNR will most likely save ya

When confronting pollution

They’ll find a solution

They’re a government department that cares


But yet they avert their porcine eyes

When faced with those filthy factory pigsties

Can it be our protection is only a sham?

Do their knees get wobbly

O’er the Iowa pig lobby

And for the rest don’t give a tinker’s damn?


I can’t help but think

When a whiff of CAFO stink

Comes wafting by my house, bike or car

That we’ve oft been betrayed

By taxes duly paid

To support the Iowa DNR


— Barney Potratz, Fairfield


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