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Jan. 14 last day for Salina Road damage claims

By DIANE VANCE, Ledger staff writer | Dec 17, 2012

Jefferson County Board of Supervisors set a final date, Jan. 14, for people with damage claims already on the list for reimbursement for rock damage from Salina Road to have all the final paperwork into the county.

“We have people on the list who’ve contacted us but didn’t follow-up yet with either providing two estimates or a bill for repairs already done,” said Scott Cline, county engineer.

Supervisor Dick Reed said the board needed to establish a cut-off date so the county could gather all the claims and bills and talk with its insurance company.

“Then we can see about going to litigation,” he said.

The Jan. 14 cut-off date is not for any new claims to be filed, Reed said, that already passed. The Jan. 14 date is only for those who already contacted the county but didn’t complete handing in all the paperwork. If any of those people miss the cut-off date, they cannot receive reimbursement from the county.

Supervisor chairman Steve Burgmeier brought a late claim he had been given by a man who said he didn’t know the county had established a deadline previously about submitting a claim for vehicle damage from driving on Salina Road.

“I told him to give me an affidavit about when the accident or damage happened,” said Burgmeier. “I told him we’d discuss it but made no promises about it.”

The claim said the damage happened Sept. 17, and he got an estimate for repair Dec. 5.

“The deadline had been in the newspaper about three weeks in a row when we were discussing this,” said Reed. “I realize not everyone reads the paper, but if anyone went to any glass repair shops around here, they could have told him, because they were aware of our deadline.”

Supervisor Lee Dimmitt agreed.

“It’s unfortunate, but we had a cut off date for a reason,” he said. “If we do this one, how many others will there be?”

Reed said not that he wasn’t compassionate, but believes the supervisors need to stick to the previous deadline to submit a claim.

The supervisors voted 3-0 to not allow the new claim.

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