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Jefferson County 4-H’ers, volunteers presented awards

Nov 19, 2013
VICKI TILLIS/submitted photo 4-H Outstanding Senior Members are, from left, Aaron Shaw, Ethan Tillis, Trent Taglauer, Danielle Garrison and Kaitlyn Daugherty. Joshua Baker and Chase Courtney also received the award. Click under "Related Information" at the bottom of the article to see these and more photos from the banquet.

The annual 4-H Awards Night was held Nov. 9 in Fairfield to honor 4-H’ers for their achievements in the previous year and to recognize adult volunteers for their dedication to the Jefferson County 4-H program.

This year’s program featured a potluck meal before the numerous awards were given to 4-H members, leaders and community volunteers.

4-H is a year-long program that encourages members to attend monthly meetings and learn about project areas of their choice. They give presentations to their clubs, perform community service and hold fundraisers to fund events and activities they choose to do. Members are able to exhibit projects at the county fair held in late June.

Members complete record books and applications highlighting their projects, and awards are given based on those applications.

Award Night is sponsored by Jefferson County 4-H and Youth Committee, with awards presented by various donors.

For information on the 4-H program in Jefferson County, contact any club leader or Courtney Taglauer at the Jefferson County Extension Office at 472-4166 or ctag@iastate.edu.


Project awards

PROJECT AWARDS recognize 4-H members for their achievement in a project area. Members must meet a number of criteria to be eligible for the awards and must be in grades 5-12 and have been enrolled in a project area for a minimum of two years.

• Beef: Jeremiah Baker, Cale Martin, Mackenzie Martin and Mitchell Taglauer.

• Cat: Danielle Garrison.

• Clothing: Eleanor Brown, Kaitlyn Daugherty, Kristen Daugherty and Chelsea Lanphier.

• Communications: Kaitlyn Daugherty.

• Community Service: Ethan Tillis.

• Cow-Calf Award: Joshua Baker, Kelly Lacey and Mackenzie Martin.

• Dog: Danielle Garrison.

• Engines: Jeremiah Baker.

• Food & Nutrition: Lily Brown, Kaitlyn Daugherty, Kristen Daugherty, Danielle Garrison and Mackenzie Martin.

• Gardening & Horticulture: Trent Taglauer.

• Home Improvement: Lily Brown, Kaitlyn Daugherty, Kristen Daugherty and Chelsea Lanphier.

• Horses: Danielle Garrison, Kelly Lacey, Stetson Spees and Sophie Stratton.

• Lamp of Knowledge: Kelly Lacey.

• Personal Development: Kaitlyn Daugherty and Kristen Daugherty.

• Pets: Danielle Garrison.

• Photography: Kaitlyn Daugherty, Danielle Garrison, Cale Martin, Mackenzie Martin and Sophia Mineart.

•STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics): Kristen Daugherty, Kelly Lacey and Trent Taglauer.

• Swine: Zack Steele.

• Visual Arts: Kaitlyn Daugherty and Danielle Garrison.


Record book awards

RECORD BOOK awards are based off of a member’s records for the year and previous years.

• Members with completed record books: Logan Adam, Jeremiah Baker, Joshua Baker, Ryan Blakely, Eleanor Brown, Lily Brown, Riley Brown, Chase Courtney, Shea Dahlstrom, Aidan Daugherty, Kaitlyn Daugherty, Kristen Daugherty, Madison Durflinger, Danielle Garrison, Chandler Gerleman, Shelby Heston, Tyler Heston, Brandon Hoskins, Brittany Hoskins, Malory Jones, Natalie Jones, Kelly Lacey, Chelsea Lanphier, Elan Ledger, Ellie Ledger, Quinn Ledger, Tristan Ledger, Cale Martin, Mackenzie Martin, Abby Melcher, Sophia Mineart, Kelly Myers, Makenna Myers, Malcolm Myers, Tessa Myers, Ashley Nelson, Hollie Nelson, Kaitlyn Post, Aaron Shaw, Stetson Spees, Zack Steele, Chloe Stever, Grace Stever, Sophie Stratton, Mitchell Taglauer, Trent Taglauer and Ethan Tillis.

• Best Junior Family and Consumer Sciences: Kaitlyn Post.

• Best Junior Beef Records: Cale Martin.

• Best Junior Horse Records: Sophie Stratton.

• Best Junior Sheep Records: Kaitlyn Post.

• Best Junior Record Book: Sophia Mineart.

• Best Intermediate Agriculture and Natural Resources: Kelly Lacey.

• Best Intermediate Expressive Arts: Shea Dahlstrom.

• Best Intermediate Family and Consumer Sciences: Kristen Daugherty.

• Best Intermediate Personal Development: Chelsea Lanphier.

• Best Intermediate Science, Engineering and Technology: Kristen Daugherty.

• Best Intermediate Beef Records: Mackenzie Martin.

• Best Intermediate Horse Records: Kelly Lacey.

• Best Intermediate Poultry Records: Malcolm Myers.

• Best Intermediate Swine Records: Mitchell Taglauer.

• Best Intermediate Overall Livestock Feed Records: Mitchell Taglauer.

• Best Intermediate Record Book: Kristen Daugherty.

• Best Senior Agriculture and Natural Resources: Trent Taglauer.

• Best Senior Expressive Arts: Danielle Garrison.

• Best Senior Family and Consumer Sciences: Kaitlyn Daugherty.

• Best Senior Personal Development: Kaitlyn Daugherty.

• Best Senior Science, Engineering, and Technology: Ethan Tillis.

• Best Senior Record Book: Ethan Tillis.

• Best Long-Time Record Book: Kaitlyn Daugherty.


Danforth and Stan Stover awards

DANFORTH AWARD: Ethan Tillis. The award recognizes 4-H members for personal growth and development. Members must currently be in grades 10-12 and have completed at least five years in 4-H.

STAN STOVER AWARD: Ethan Tillis. This is a nominated award. It is given to a 4-H member who is currently a senior in high school, has been a good 4-H member for at least five years and has maintained a good record book for each 4-H year. Members must exhibit leadership qualities and should contribute to 4-H outside of their local club.


Outstanding Member awards

OUTSTANDING MEMBER AWARDS recognize the member’s over-all 4-H participation. Members have demonstrated leadership skills beyond the local club level and have shown outstanding personal growth through participation in a variety of 4-H work.

• Outstanding Junior Members: Eleanor Brown, Aidan Daugherty, Malory Jones, Cale Martin, Sophia Mineart and Sophie Stratton.

• Outstanding Intermediate Members: Jeremiah Baker, Kristen Daugherty, Kelly Lacey, Chelsea Lanphier, Mackenzie Martin and Mitchell Taglauer.

• Outstanding Senior Members: Joshua Baker, Chase Courtney, Kaitlyn Daugherty, Danielle Garrison, Aaron Shaw, Trent Taglauer and Ethan Tillis.


More awards, recognitions

VOLUNTEERS AT DAY CAMPS: Jeremiah Baker, Joshua Baker, Katlin Clemmons, Kelly Lacey, Amber Manning, Emily Manning, Ashley Nelson, Hollie Nelson, Devyn Redmann, Matthew Smith, Drew Stever, Gavin Stever, Mitchell Taglauer and Delanie Vorhies.

HISTORIAN BOOKS: Penn Workers 4-H Club.

4-H ER’s FOR 4-H CAMPAIGN: Penn Workers 4-H Club and Walnut Ridge Workers 4-H Club.

SHOOTING SPORTS AWARDS: Anthony Osborn and Madison Osborn.

4-H LEADERS YEARS OF SERVICE: Janice Shaw, five years; Julie Willson, five years; and Judy Hinshaw, 20 years.

4-H HALL OF FAME INDUCTEE: Jim Gevock. The 4-H Hall of Fame inductee is presented to someone who was inducted into the 4-H Hall of Fame during August at the Iowa State Fair and presented with a plaque by the Iowa 4-H Foundation as recognition for outstanding service and dedication to 4-H.

RETIREMENT AWARD: Leland and Shirley Stanley.

HONORARY 4-H MEMBER: Byron Leu. Honorary 4-H members are nominated for the award. The award is presented to someone who has had an influence on the 4-H program, are active in 4-H programs and activites, provides leadership and does those extra little things to help and encourage 4-H members, leaders, families and staff.


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