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Jefferson County Farm Bureau Women

Sep 25, 2017

Jefferson County Farm Bureau Women

Jefferson County Farm Bureau Women met in September at Riverside Family Restaurant III. Nine members and three guests had lunch, then Linda Oakes gave a presentation on the Monarch butterfly.

After collecting the eggs and/or caterpillars from the milkweed plant — the only food source for the Monarch — Oakes nurtures them in large plastic cups through their growth stages until they emerge from the chrysalis transformed into a Monarch butterfly. The butterflies are then released into the wild to continue their life’s journey and migrating eventually to South America for the winter months.

Monarchs are endangered due to the reduction in the number of milkweeds that are allowed to grow and reproduce, so many people are now letting their milkweeds grow or are cultivating them. Oakes gave several Monarchs in the chrysalis stage to a few of the attendees.

A business meeting followed the presentation. Roll call topic was climate and population of Cuba and reports were given in regard to Jefferson County Farm Bureau’s recent 100th anniversary celebration.

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